Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Christmas Day

Boo, it's back to work today (glad we get an extra day in Scotland though, I really needed it and enjoyed spending our 6 month anniversary reading SWD and eating Yo! Sushi with my 1/3 off birthday voucher they sent me.)

So I will finally finish blogging about our 1st married Christmas today and start looking forward (after a cheeky late review of 2011 tomorrow!)

On Christmas morning, I woke up early so started preparing things for dinner.  When everyone else appeared in the kitchen I put my surprise Christmas Morning Muffins in the oven!  I wasn't actually a fan (not keen on cranberries so they were a bit too bitter for me) but everyone else loved them served with crème fraiche.  Once all the peeling and chopping was done, we went through to the living room to start with the stockings!  Again, these were a hit with everyone - I had filled my in-laws' and my brother's with foodie gifts, mainly chocolate!  Nik was happy with his little gifts and I was delighted with mine - he gave me the MAC make-up and brushes I asked for after the make-up tutorial with Sarah and some fab Christmas socks among other little things.

Me & MIL

My brother in his AMAZING slippers - seriously how cool?!
(He won my pyjama competition due to them and his funky tartan PJs!)

Me looking extremely pleased with the snowflake necklace from my brother!
I was unbelievably lucky and received one of my ultimate dream presents from my MIL and FIL - A GREEN KITCHENAID!!!

OMG, my KitchenAid!!!


FIL very pleased with his whisky

Christmas Jumper I bought for hubby!  (Already stolen it back, sooo cosy!)
I also got hubby tickets to see Michael McIntyre in November and some new leather gloves since he lost his old ones.  He gave me a gorgeous Liberty scarf I had been admiring when we were down in London a few weeks ago!
After pressies, we carried on in the kitchen, had a yummy seafood lunch (with some left over home-made sausage rolls) and then got organised ready for dinner.

My home-made table runner

Another present from MIL & FIL

Snowflakes on the cupboards

Snowflakes on the cupboards

Bro-in-law in a dragonfly print shirt!

Seafood & Pink Champagne

Lunch table complete with felt snowflake garland and wedding dragonfly napkins


After lunch, when everything for dinner was under control, some of us chilled in the living room for a bit while most of the men danced about the kitchen, lol.

Painting MIL's nails with my fabby new green polish from Claire
(Chanel Peridot - gorgeous colour!)

Note the home-made green bauble earrings ;)

The dancing men!


Lynky said...

Okay, it's confession time... where are the place names?? lol

thebabywife said...

Omg, you have a actual Kitchenaid.

Jealous doesn't cover it!!

Bex said...

lol, Mum, patience - I used them for dinner (now on the blog - separate post).

TBW - I know, I'm SO lucky!! :D

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