Thursday, 5 January 2012

A late 2011 review!

There's a lot for me to look back on in 2011 but I wanted to finish blogging about my Christmas first and after spending some much needed time recharging, I am finally up to date (ish).  I plan to resume my honeymoon report posts on Monday as they lapsed over the holidays, but they are almost finished now, not many to go (you may be pleased to hear as I seem to have dragged it out a lot longer than planned - I just had SO many photos I wanted to share!)  (I've tried to keep photos to a minimum here, was planning on 1 per recap but I'm useless - I just LOVE photos - so it's a max of 3, I promise!)  :)

So, my 2011.  Pretty big year for me and Nik!

First of all, I went to Malaysia to visit my parents in January (poor Nik couldn't come due to his impending finals!)...

Mum & I at Petronas Towers
In February I started blogging!  The blog began as The Wedding Frenzy as that's how Nik described what happened as soon as we got engaged.  I changed the name and redesigned it to be a bit more stylish after the wedding when I decided to keep blogging about other things that interest me.

I made a few (8!) attempts at choosing the right banner pics

Another possibility

My final choice

We had our engagement shoot in April...

One of my best friends had a baby...

Me hogging the baby!

Then Nik turned 30...

Surprise Party in our flat

Then I had my Hen Night(s) in June...

Cocktail Masterclass
Spa Weekend

 Followed by Nik's Graduation (Oops, just tried to link and realised this is still in drafts!  Coming soon!)...

Clever boy!


And our wedding just a week later!...

Went on Honeymoon the day after...Totally cheating here cos can't pick 3 and it's my blog so I will!  :P

Beach (& Diving) in Zanzibar...

Ras Nungwi Pool & Ocean

Free Fizz!


And Safari in Tanzania...

Starting our safari out of the roof of the 4x4!

Still to come!  (Serengeti)


Then another of my best friends had a baby in August!

Yes, it's me hogging the baby again!

And I arranged a post-wedding shoot in my gorgeous dress - cost per wear = HALF PRICE!!!  ;)

My new brother-in-law got engaged in September...

Izzy & Ishan
We started de-cluttering in earnest sorting out all the wedding 'Stuff'...

Before - Junk Room!

After - Snug corner in the study!

I met a celebrity in London in November and got far too excited about it!  ;)

Me and Chris O'Dowd
And I planned and decorated my wee heart out for our first married Christmas (and first time hosting!!)...

Homemade Stockings

10ft (oops) tree with silver, green and white theme.

My Christmas Table

Then I turned 30 on the 30th!

Woweee, WHAT A YEAR!  I don't think I have ever been so busy with planning/home/life/events in my entire life!  Not to mention blogging!  I started my wee corner of the blogosphere in February and have loved every minute of it!  I get so excited when people comment, I love that it's not just my Mum and bridesmaids reading now!  I hope to continue to be interesting, hopefully even more so this year as I write more food related posts, get out taking more photos to share with you and finish decorating the flat - more before and afters to come!  I've really enjoyed writing this post looking back at our crazy year - not something I would have normally done so it's nice to have the chance to reflect on it all as it's been such a massive 2011!  Sucha great way to beat the January blues - it really makes me realise how lucky I am!

Thank you for reading my wee blog, I hope you will continue to do so and any of you lurkers out there - please start commenting ;)  I really would love to know what you think/want more of!  Oh and I promise to finish writing my full wedding report with dozens of photos!!!

Happy New Year!
Love Bex
:D x

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thebabywife said...

Beautiful pics, and it looks like you have had an amaaazing year. Here's to 2012!


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