Tuesday, 10 January 2012

My wonderful husband

I have been ill with tonsillitis AGAIN this week (started on Friday night, typical!) and my lovely hubby has been wonderful at looking after me.  I have totally lost my appetite and been sleeping funny and on Saturday all I wanted (after seeing a link posted for my local cafĂ©'s weekend menu) was macaroni cheese.  He said no, we couldn't go as I wasn't well enough - I did have a fever that day so may have been a bit delusional thinking I would make it that far and be able to sit in public not looking like death!  Anyway, I fell asleep again and was woken to hubby asking me at around 2.30pm what I wanted for lunch (having eaten nothing but a small amount of scrambled egg early that morning).  I said nothing and he said not even macaroni cheese?  I said no, don't want anything and he said, even if I made it?  Bless him, he'd spent all that time I was asleep making me macaroni cheese (minus the macaroni - we only had pasta shells) from scratch!  I managed about a table spoon worth but am looking forward to finishing it once I feel better (he hates macaroni cheese)!  It's the little things like that which really make a marriage in my opinion.  Just simple ways to show you care.  I love him so much!

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Lately he has also become a prolific baker since we received the KitchenAid from his parents for Christmas!  He has spent the last 5 days making loaves, trying to perfect his technique.  He seems to be really enjoying it, here are his attempts - I think they all look very impressive but he's certainly mastered the perfect texture now.

1st attempt

1st Loaves - bit dense

2nd Attempt (wholemeal) - still very dense

3rd attempt - Yummy!

4th Attempt - he made rolls as well!

They look so good, I hope I feel well enough tomorrow to try one!

He also did me a huge favour today as my Curiosity Box finally arrived (at work - typically when I'm off) and the project ends tomorrow so they won't be blogging any more after that.  I asked if he could collect it for me on his way home and he made it just in time - you can see what I received here.  The one I sent is here.  I'm not sure yet if I'm going to participate again.  I always knew I would prefer the giving more than the receiving and I had loads of fun putting mine together, trying to tailor it for the person I received notes about and spent a lot of time decorating the box, writing notes and putting it all together.  I think Nik was just as excited as I was to see what was in my box after showing him some of the ones that have been coming up on the blog and he has certainly enjoyed my chocolate coins.

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thebabywife said...

That is love!

I'm v impressed by his bread efforts xxx

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