Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Nik's graduation!

I still haven't written about my clever husband's graduation.  Mainly because it was just a week before the wedding so there was a lot going on at the time!!

Anyway, he did it, hubby graduated from his second degree (I know, he's mental!  One was more than enough hard work for me!!) and is now a fully fledged doctor.  Now the really hard slog begins as his chosen speciality is a small one and competition for training places is fierce.

But, for now, here are some pictures of us looking all dolled up for his big day before our big day ;)

Dressing down my hen night dress with wedges

Beautiful Bute Hall

Proud family :)

Proud Wife! (Although I was still a fiancée then!)

Modelling ;)

Handsome Hubby

Then we all went out for a yummy celebration dinner at Rogano...


Hmm, I must have been ranting about something funny!

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