Tuesday, 3 January 2012

OMG it's SWD!

Hooray!  Scottish Wedding Directory magazine came out today and WE are in it!  How EXCITING!!!  On our 6 month anniversary too!  :)

Now I would be thrilled to be featured in any magazine, especially regarding our wedding, but SWD is extra special to me since it was the first magazine I bought after we were engaged!  I loved flicking through the articles getting ideas of where to start planning and starting to cut out pictures for inspiration.

So imagine my excitement to be quizzed for not one but two articles in this month's issue!  First by my new (via twitter) amazing  friend, Gemma, who I am actually loving more each time I receive one of her cheery emails or texts!  She asked me how we personalised our wedding ceremony after seeing our Any Other Photo on Any Other Wedding (one of my top blogs) where I mentioned how we arranged for Nik to be facing the door when I walked in and how we faced our guests the whole time (except the vows when we faced each other!)

My AOP - to read why, head over to AOW

Here is part of the article, you'll have to buy the magazine to read the rest of the article which is well worth reading if you are currently planning your ceremony.  Not to mention for Gemma's fantastic Honeymoon article as well, top tips on where to go when and Michelle's article about wedding props - a detail close to my heart!

By far and away the most exciting thing was being included in a round up of advice at the back of the magazine under the title "What's Next? Some of Scotland's top wedding bloggers share their post-wedding survival tips"  I wouldn't call myself a top wedding blogger by a long shot (especially now I mostly ramble on about my not-overly-interesting life) but am extremely flattered to be included on the same page as Kirsty from asafemooring (also one of my top blogs) and OurDayByDesign who I also follow on twitter and after looking at the other two blogs they have now been added to my ever growing must read list!

Not only that but it included one of our wedding pictures!  Us, in actual glossy print, on our 6 month anniversary!  Love it!

And I'd just like to say thank you to my wonderful hubby for putting up with my blogging obsession - reading and writing!  He took this picture of me in my blogging position tonight and bless him he is so patient and supportive...

Snuggled in his Christmas jumper ;)
Update: I'm a numpty and hadn't even looked at the Venues magazine that comes with SWD (was planning on bedtime reading of that) only to be alerted to it just now by Michelle on twitter!  I only missed the whole main article about blogging!!

Again keeping good company with Kirsty and Gaynor
 I'm on the actual contents page too!!!  Wow!

Me and my best girls, the pic I just featured on here recently!

Mum, you're in there too!  ;)

That big quote across the article - THAT WAS ME!  :D
So excited now, how am I supposed to go to sleep!  lol

Double update: Just reached highest ever hits in one day - almost as much as the 'spam day'!  :)


Lynky said...

Oh my God, fantastic, why would you want to go to sleep?? Get the champers out, hee hee. Love you. Mum xx

Lynky said...

PS Can you buy a copy for me please.

thebabywife said...

Eeeep! Fantastic - well done to all of you!! xxx

Bex said...

:) Thanks guys, copy already sorted for you Mum! x

Gaynor {Our Day by Design} said...

Eeeeeeek, I cant wait to see a copy in print; looks great from what ive seen here though.

Thanks for the lovely mention too although Im not sure I would call myself a top wedding blogger either but its lovely to be described as such in an actual magazine isnt it!

(sorry I had thought I was following you already but obviously not so ive sorted that out after your lovely comment about our grey stripe wall, i'm looking forward to seeing your wedding posts and others about your flat re-designs)

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