Monday, 2 January 2012

A secret - our wedding film teaser

On Christmas eve I had another surprise for everyone as I unveiled the biggest secret I had been keeping, our wedding film!  We had received it about a week before and kept it quiet until they were all here.  As we would be so busy on Christmas day with all the excitement of presents and making/eating dinner, we decided Christmas eve would be a better time to watch it as we'd all be relaxed and they wouldn't be expecting it!

We are all utterly thrilled with it!  It is so nice to be able to remember all the words - I had forgotten so many of them without realising!  I think that is the thing I will treasure the most from it but the whole film is so perfect, I can tell I will watch it over and over!  And although we obviously have the speeches and ceremony written down, it's not the same as hearing it with the emotion in the voices and seeing the big cheesy grins!  I had only vaguely remembered what it was Dad had compared me to in his speech that made everyone laugh so it was lovely to be reminded of his whole speech.

Cherry Tree Films

I can't thank Steve and his team enough for his amazing talent in the filming and editing.  He was so professional and lovely to have around on the day, especially when I was panicking about it all running late!

Since I can't show you the whole film, below is a special sneek peak trailer Steve sent to us while we were waiting for our full film.  We have had this for a while but I was waiting until the right moment to post it on here.  Since I am taking far too long to write an actual wedding report with all our photos, here is our trailer for now.  I love that it captures so many of our details and guests (many of which were missed in our photos), the fun of our day and the emotions - you can literally see me jumping up and down with excitement when getting my make-up done!

It seems this embedded film is no longer working so here is a link to the teaser.


Ali said...

Its lovely Becky. Just lovely. XX

Bex said...

Thanks Ali! :) x

Anonymous said...

Wish I could see it, Becky!!xxx shella

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