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Wedding Report: The Girls' Morning - Part One

Well here it is, finally, my wedding report!  I thought I would kick this off as my 200th post.  I will try and keep this regular on a Friday like I have (mostly) with my honeymoon posts on a Monday but I have only written a couple of posts so far and writing it and sorting the pictures to fit well takes a while since I did this myself in PS - I do think it looks better set out like this though.  (Luckily since writing this one I have found some templates which should make it easier!)

Starting with the girls getting ready...

I chose to stay at our flat the night before the wedding and get ready in our home with all my girls and Mum and Dad.  I had planned my 'getting ready outfit' in advance.  I wore my new heart print shorts from Tesco with a white vest, my 'bride' prefect style badge and my specially made Kimono from Mum's friend, Linda in Malaysia.  I asked all the girls to wear pyjamas for the getting ready part of the day.

I expected to feel excited or nervous on the morning of the wedding but I strangely woke up feeling neither.  I was abnormally quiet and a little disappointed I wasn't feeling excited (I am usually very excitable!).  When the girls arrived, Sarah put on her iPod to try and get a bit more of a party atmosphere (something I surprisingly hadn't thought about!)  I think I was just a bit overwhelmed that the day I had been planning for 11 months had finally arrived and I wasn't quite sure how to feel now that it was finally here!

When I asked my hairdresser for the last 3 years, Jane Lindsay, to do my wedding hair for me and my girls I was extremely lucky - she volunteered to come to the flat since it was on a Sunday (when her salon is closed anyway) AND she offered to do all our hair free in exchange for me taking some photos of her dogs for her!!  Amazing!

It was Jane's idea to use my Mother-in-Law's diamond necklace (my something borrowed and old) in my hair.  I didn't want to wear a necklace as I was wearing a halter-neck dress so she came up with the plan of pinning into the back of my hairstyle and I think it worked really well!  I also wore a diamante head band which Mum personalised for me with a dragonfly brooch.  I love a bit of bling!

My make-up was done by Shannon O'Neill who I had met while helping out my bridesmaid, Sarah on a fashion shoot in her studio.  We had done a couple of trials (Shannon was kind enough to coincide one of them with one of my secret photo shoots for Nik) and we decided to go quite full on with the smoky green/grey eye.  I had 'Hollywood Lashes' applied in advance (trialled them for my hen night to avoid any eyelash disasters!)  Shannon used a mixture of MAC, Bobbi Brown and other make-up.

Our super-cute flower girl, Grace, is my bridesmaid Claire's 4 year old daughter.  She was an absolute star on the day and when I showed her the dress she was more excited about the hanger (which was pretty cool I have to say!)  She loved being dressed up like a princess for the day and did a grand job!  Her dress, cardigan, shoes and headband were all from Monsoon.  The hanger was from Etsy.

Hanger image and some dress details by Victor Habbick

My dress was from Sarah Morgan Bridal who were absolutely wonderful.  I fell in love with Isis and the silk of the sample dress was a very flattering faded colour so they gave me a great deal and let me buy the sample which fitted me perfectly!  I had never wanted a strapless dress, we had already decided that a 50s style halter-neck really suited me so we arranged to have a piece of wide ribbon added to the dress and it looked great when we tried it out.  In retrospect, I wish I had just left it alone - on the day, when it was sewn on, it was too tight and dug in under my arms and made the dress sit slightly wrong (causing the dreaded back bulge and making my boobs disappear!), although I didn't realise that until looking at the photographs or I would have just tucked it in.  I still loved it though!

My shoes were Marilyn by Benjamin Adams but I had them dyed green at a local shop, Mes Souliers.  The flowers for my bridesmaids were White Peonies, Lisianthus and Agapanthus.  Despite the Peonies being more open that I wanted (I like the puff ball shape!) they were all beautiful.  I was meant to be having green Roses which I had spotted in a magazine, mixed in with some of the white flowers from the bridesmaid bouquets and some green Celosia in a loose hand tie.  Grace had a small posy of just 3 green Roses.  When they arrived I was a little disappointed as mine was more of a tight posy and the roses were yellow with slightly green edges although they were still pretty, just not what I had wanted at all.  My disappointment didn't last long as I soon got a text from Nik after he had opened his presents from me saying that he couldn't wait to see me and that's when the excitement hit me!

Mum gave me a little gift while I was getting my make-up done.  A magnet which says "Marriage is a relationship in which one person is always right and the other is the husband" and a beautiful dragonfly mirror which she'd had engraved on the back to say "To my darling daughter Becky on your wedding day 3rd July 2011".  It was so lovely and thoughtful to have something special just from my Mum.

Screen grab from our wonderful wedding highlights film by Cherry Tree Films

The picture of our wedding day on the fridge was drawn for me by Grace :)  The Lotto ticket was from our cake supplier, Truly Scrumptious who sent us a lovely card with the ticket inside for the weekend of our wedding, such a nice touch.  (We didn't win!)

All Photos taken by our photographer, Matt Wagster (unless otherwise specified).

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