Thursday, 9 February 2012

Jamie's Italian - A review

I was at Jamie's Italian for dinner recently to celebrate my friend Sarah's 30th birthday with about 12 of her other friends.  We had a great time!  We all met in the cocktail bar downstairs and enjoye a couple of drinks before heading to our table.  The cocktails were delicious, I particularly enjoyed the Bellini and when I took back one I had ordered (thought I'd try something different - big mistake!) which no-one liked, they replaced it with no charge for the French Martini (stick to a favourite in these situations!) since we had hardly touched it.  I was fully expecting to pay for my replacement drink so this was a pleasant surprise and excellent customer service since I just hadn't liked the drink but there was nothing technically wrong with it.  (Note to self - Campari is disgusting!)

When we were all seated at the table, we ordered wine and perused the menus.  I ordered the Olives on ice and the steak.  None of the pastas grabbed me as they were mainly seafood options which I'd had the night before.

The olives were delicious, the same kind as I loved at Carluccio's, and came with a lovely olive tapenade and crispy flat bread.  I have never had chilled olives served in ice before but it was delicious and I enjoyed them so cold.

The main courses were HUGE and my steak was cooked well, just slightly more than I prefer.  I ordered the 'famous polenta chips' to go with it and wasn't impressed.  I will stick to the 'funky chips' (someone else had them) next time as they were delicious.  The polenta chips while crispy and tasty (due to the sprinkled parmesan) outside were very stodgy and tasteless big square lumps inside.

So delicious I forgot to take the pic before I started devouring it!

Stodge chips, not for me

The burger was apparently very tasty although a tad difficult to manage...

Steph, coping admirably with huge burger.
Dessert was absolutely amazing, I had the Panna Cotta and it was perfect, so creamy and a lovely vanilla flavour!

Steph had the ice cream which came in this cute metal dish.
Me, Louisa, Ali and the birthday girl herself, Sarah.

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