Thursday, 9 February 2012


Whoop!  I am off to London again!  I never used to like London (before I had been, ridiculous, I know)!  I was never keen on big cities, having grown up in a tiny village in a school which had a grand population of about 80 at the time, I was used to the countryside and smaller local towns.  Until I first went to London with my now husband and his family, I had a great time discovering some of the different areas, things to see, places to go and the markets!  Oh how I love those London markets, Spitalfields with all of it's wondrous offerings, Borough Market with it's yummy goodies and Portobello with it's streets packed with all things ancient and interesting!

This weekend, I will be staying with a new friend I met on twitter (seriously I have only met her in "real life" twice but already feel like I've known her for years!) and she has so many fun things planned for us!  Since I don't work on a Thursday anyway and would have had to take Friday off to get down for Fri evening, it made sense for me to leave today and have 3 full days in London and make the most of my time off!  Tomorrow Gemma is working but plans to send me off to the V&A until lunchtime when we will meet for some shopping, yay!  After work we will be heading out for dinner before going to see Legally Blonde in the west end followed by a fun day of shopping/eating/cocktails on Saturday!  (Apparently there might be a roast dinner too!  WOW!)

We will be going to Anna's 30th/blog launch party which I can't wait for and I shall (probably) be wearing this combination... (Obviously London shopping may cause changes to the plans!)

Miss Selfridge (the belt is kind of pinky gold metallic)

Miss Selfridge - comfy cosy jersey blazer

I haven't shopped in Miss Selfridge for years so it was a nice surprise to find something I really like (spotted by chance in Debenhams).  I was pretty sure most of their clothes would be too young/tight for me now I have left studentville/my 20s.

I was trying to find a pic of my shoes from Debenhams too but apparently they are non-existent online!  They are black patent slingback platforms with a black snake effect textured heel and a gold strip along the top of the platform with a peep toe.  (Very comfy and very stunning, tested them in the hotel last weekend.)  Although I also brought back up super comfy shoes which might go, not sure til I try the combo!

I will be wearing my gold chain with my little diamond flower Nik gave me when he proposed and these gorgeous earrings my friend (and BM) Claire gave me for my 30th...

Apparently no longer on swarovski website (the purple ones are though!)

Oh dear, just spotted this ring when looking for a link to the earrings.... (Not at all related to the above planned outfit, just random lusting.)

Love the deep luscious emerald green!

So they are my plans!  I will no doubt be updating you after the event with many pictures!  For now, I shall carry on enjoying tweeting annoying pointless tweets while sipping my free (yet delicious if a bit cold) red wine on the train  :)

What is everyone else up to this weekend?  Any exciting Valentines or anti-Valentines plans??

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