Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Pancake Toppings

I'm sure a lot of people will be posting about their pancake day experiences today (if twitter was anything to go by last night).  I would like to be a bit less predictable but, like I suspect these other people do, I love to talk about food and want to post the pictures of the yummy ones my hubby made us so I decided to just do it anyway :P

We used good ol' Delia's recipe from one of Nik's old recipe books.  We had the classic filling of lemon and sugar of course along with another favourite of mine... nutella, sliced bananas and crème fraiche, yum!

Stuffed!  What's your favourite topping?  I once had some yummy pancakes made for me at a photography weekend with berries fried in butter and Drambuie, topped with cream - A.Mazing!!

(P.S. Come back tomorrow for an ultimate before and after of our kitchen!  (Three owners' worth of pictures, including when it used to be an old lady's living room!!!)

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