Friday, 17 February 2012


I do love a bit of random-ness, especially when it's to do with something or someone special.  A few cases of bizarre coincidences sometimes have me wondering if everything really does happen for a reason.  Not to mention the time I was shattered to discover I didn't get my dream job and cried my wee heart out only to end up getting an even better job the year after - where I just so happened to meet my husband!

A couple of examples of random-ness I love...

Both Nik's and my parents were married on the exact same day, same year!  OK, one wedding was in Kenya, the other in England but still - freaky!  (Also handy to remember the anniversaries ;))

When we were moving to Glasgow, we had been looking only in the west end as it was near uni for Nik (our purpose for moving here).  I somehow ended up falling in love with a flat in the Southside and bam - out of all the flats we could have chosen, we've ended up in this one which was owned by Sarah and her husband who just happened to be friends with my best friend from uni!  Sarah actually went to primary school with Vikki!  Bizarre.

And since I'm being random - here is a totally random picture from my website, because I didn't know what else to put here so I asked Nik to choose one!

Red Stag - taken in Glen Etive


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