Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A reading frenzy!

I tend to go through phases of reading a lot of books and then not so much (I will switch to more blogs and magazines for a while).  At the moment I am having the longest phase of reading all the time!  I just have SO many books I want to read.  Even certain people at work who really are not bookworm types at all are getting into some of the same books and it has become a veritable book club with us all discussing them in tea breaks! I have received so many recommendations from work colleagues, Any Other Wedding (Sooooo many added to my list!), Florence Finds book club, Blook club and various other blogs (will add links later as I can't remember which specifically right now) that my kindle is filling up fast!  I have 77 books currently on there - 20 of which I have read since receiving it in June last year (I did have some "real" books I wanted to finish when I first received it.)  My Amazon wish list currently has 35 books on it and I am good at deleting them off there when purchased so I don't accidentally buy duplicates.

I am also charting my current reads, books I've read and books I plan to read over on Goodreads which I have mentioned before.  It also gives recommendations (it's linked with Amazon).  Yesterday I finally gave in and started perusing the new AOW book club store on Amazon and have still to browse the Florence Finds shop (lets face it, I don't need recommendations at the moment but it's still fun!)

So far this week I finished the last of the Millennium Trilogy and swiftly began reading War Horse.  Finished that in less than 24 hours (it is short and oh so good!)  Blubbed for a while before starting The Hunger Games as recommended by Aisling.  I haven't got far into it yet (I have been warned that all my spare time will be sucked away by it - oops, the same as the Millennium books then maybe should have taken more time between them so hubby doesn't think I have completely forgotten about him!) but am already intrigued and dying to know what will happen!

Hence, my lack of comments on other blogs lately - I am literally spending every spare moment reading - I haven't even added my recommendations to the AOW post yet, nor read or contributed to the comments on FF book club about The Help!  Oh and actually writing my own posts?  Ahem, rushing to write this RIGHT NOW at 8.30am before I go to work, oops again!

Oh and just a quick note about Amazon - they made me very angry, VERY ANGRY yesterday because I saw the description to War Horse on the first version it took me to via google which COMPLETELY gave away the entire plot in one paragraph!  No warning of spoilers and why on earth would they think it's a good idea to do this when people read the description before buying a book!?  Luckily I only saw this after reading it or I would have been properly RAGING!  Here is the link - DO NOT click it unless you have read the book or want to know the entire plot summed up!  Does anyone else think this is ridiculous, stupid and mean of Amazon or is it just me over-reacting??

Right, I better go and brush my teeth and get off to work!


thebabywife said...

I have a very long wishlist too....must get stuck in! xxx

Linsey said...

Me too! I've blogged a couple of times recently about making more time to read. I used to be such a bookworm then I'm not sure what happened but my reading tailed off a lot. Making a concious effort to get back into it and loving it!
Halfway through Hunger Games and just finished Blook Club book. You going?

Bex said...

No :( really wanted to as I've just joined but going to London that weekend and thought I could plan it to get the train back to Edinburgh instead of Glasgow. Didn't realise it was at 2pm (for some reason I thought it was 6pm) and early trains are too expensive (plus going to Anna's party night before) so going to miss this one. Hopefully make the next though! Thanks for reminding me I need to email Zoe!

Zoë {Conversation Pieces} said...

Thanks for the shout-out :) And wow, 35 is a huge list! I saw somewhere that someone was aiming to read 24 books in a year... but 35 would certainly beat that! (And yeah that sucks on giving away the plot!)

Prettiest Hobo said...

I can not put down the hunger games.... onto the 3rd one now! You know how you text me the other day and asked what I was reading? That's the reason I didn't get back to you ;) xx

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