Saturday, 4 February 2012

Still here, still reading!

Hi folks!  I'm still here, haven't forgotten about you and have LOADS I want to write and to catch up on the blog! I am now on book two (23% so far) of The Hunger Games and I promise to have lots of very interesting posts coming very soon but for now, I'm afraid my heart lies in reading these books!

Coming soon...

I have lots of yummy recipes to share - (not forgetting the ones from my tea party)
A few clothing purchases to share - (including the dress I wore last night for our multi-celebration dinner at a hotel)
I have the above mentioned hotel to review (it's a good one, we had an amazing time!)
A couple of present ideas for Valentines day (including what I gave Nik - we combined celebrations since I'm away next weekend and he's working AGAIN)
And I have more of my wedding day report to come (and the last 3 honeymoon ones which are pretty much all written now!)

But for now, after a night off reading (it was only fair since he did whisk me away for some romance) I have a lot of reading to catch up on ;) 

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