Friday, 16 March 2012

A few random finds

I've spotted a few things recently which I love, one of which is this gorgeous new fresh nail polish from Essie.  It's part of their new spring collection and a lovely shade of green called Navigate Her.

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Another is this stunning glass jar from Rockett St George, I would love to have this in my bedroom, bathroom or study!

I found a stunning vintage peridot ring on eBay recently and fell utterly in love with it so I decided to treat myself for my 30th birthday/5 years with Nik/celebrate the new me/any other excuse I can think of!!  It hasn't arrived yet so here are a couple of other pretty ones I found until I can show you the real thing!  (I am SUPER excited about this, Nik even helped me research on-line to make sure it was a good price!)

I think these shoes from Wallis would look amazing with a summery maxi dress or cropped jeans, very 70s...

There are quite a few stunning dresses in Monsoon at the moment.  Quite a few designs seem to be inspired from around the world...

Aztec and Tribal dresses, both £79

Japanese Kimono style, £160

How cute is this patriotic number?!?  £60

This looks like the perfect summer dress to throw over a bikini on the beach, £32

This is another cute print dress, £60

If all those are too colourful for you, this black 50s style looks super flattering with its thin tan belt, £75

I would say I think I might have replaced food with shopping but I'm actually eating quite a lot on my new diet!  Although I would like to point out for when Nik reads this that I have managed to resist actually buying any of these dresses!  So far.

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Anna, Oh yes! I like that. said...

Love that little bird jar. .. all the dresses too actually but we are supposed to be saving for flooring. Fells like we might be doing that for the rest of our lives though! haha x

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