Monday, 19 March 2012

My beautiful treat has arrived!!!

I mentioned the other day that I had bought myself a little bit of sparkle.  I figured now is the time to do it, before even bigger responsibilities come along and I can afford to spend a little (or a lot) on myself without feeling too guilty!  Plus I am a complete magpie!

Well, here is my new forever piece of jewellery to remind me of my first 30 years - growing up, making friends, coping with my parents moving abroad, owning my own home, travelling in Australia alone, experiencing dozens of new people, things and places, learning photography, graduating from university, starting my own business, falling in love, becoming a wife, becoming a blogger, making friends as an adult, learning all sorts of new skills, my bulging wardrobe (ahem)... so many things to be proud of.

I would have found any excuse to buy this ring as I absolutely knew as soon as I saw it (much like with my engagement ring) that it was perfect for me.  In fact, had I not chosen the engagement ring I did (and we actually chose it together, we both fell in love with it) and had I gone for a coloured stone (which did cross my mind but I wanted something that I could wear with anything and never have to take off) then this would have been the ring.

It's 'vintage' although what I love about it is the old style design and the fact you can clearly see it is real vintage and has been well worn.  I would love to know its story.  The band is thin and a hallmark barely visible due to the years of wear smoothing down the gold.  The stone has a tiny chip in one edge - barely visible unless you are inspecting it closely but again, proving it has been well loved in the past.  You can't truly love something and wear it to death without it experiencing a few of life's bumps along with you.

If I was designing a ring for myself, this would be it, but I love the fact this one has its little flaws more than if I were to have a brand new ring.

So anyway, here it is, my new precious.  I'm sure you'll agree it's totally and utterly 'me'...

As it's vintage it did need a bit of a clean up so I popped it in the ultrasonic bath at work and it came up beautifully!

Come back tomorrow for the Bathroom Then & Now with pictures from the Spanish couple, Sarah and myself...


Lynky said...

Beautiful ring Bex. Definitely a 'YOU' style and colour.

thebabywife said...

It is indeed beautiful and very, very you xxx

Roz said...

Ooooft! That is gorgeous. I want one, lol! :)

Rochel Faltus said...

Your ring looks so unique, I love it! It looks absolutely perfect on your finger! I am waiting for my time down the aisle and your ring just gave me an inspiration for designing my own.
Rochel Faltus

Bridget said...

The vintage green diamond definitely makes it a legit ring! It looks really classy, and it would look beautiful regardless of whatever dress you wear! Well, you have to appreciate such beauty that is priceless. :)


Kimmy  Barnes said...

Nice! It seems that you really took care of this ring, huh! And you have your own ultrasonic jewelry cleaner too. It’s great since it’s really the one who will do the work for you. It’ll be less of a hassle making your delicate vintage pieces sparkle like new. :)

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