Friday, 23 March 2012

My week

My new healthy lifestyle has had a bit of a fail this week!  On Monday I had to sit in work in 14 oC all day as the boiler was broken all weekend (and for some reason the boss didn't think it was important to call a plumber out on Friday when they first knew about it!)  Unfortunately with the work I do, I can't wear a coat, or any sleeves for that matter so was sat shivering for most of the day, it did warm up a little by the afternoon luckily.

However, on Tuesday I woke up feeling full of the cold with a bit of a sore throat.  I went in anyway (taking my own electric heater from home with me!) but didn't walk or go swimming - just tried to take an easy day so I wouldn't get any worse.  Sadly I did and by bedtime on Tuesday night my throat was agony!  On Wednesday morning I was starting to feel like I was getting tonsillitis AGAIN!  (This is the 3rd time in as many months which does concern me - especially as I hoped I would get sick less often with my new healthy diet and all those extra vitamins in the fruit and veg I am eating!!)

I didn't go to work on Wednesday, I mostly slept and felt sorry for myself and moaned on twitter.  (I'm a bit pathetic at being ill I'm afraid!  I hate it!)  On Thursday which is my day off anyway I was still feeling very sore but not as ill so I ventured out to my hair appointment (as I know how long it takes to get another if cancelled plus my grey roots were getting VERY noticeable and all being well we're off to London this weekend to search for wedding outfits for Nik and I for his brother's wedding in May).  I came pretty much straight home and chilled out on the sofa with some telly, having cancelled my pilates and swimming plans.  I didn't want to push myself and not get better.

By Thursday evening I was feeling much better again with the pain controlled by paracetamol so Nik took me out to Yo Sushi to cheer me up!  :)  While at Silverburn I also purchased some burgundy skinny jeans (SKINNY JEANS!!  It's been a long time since I wore those!) to wear with my new leopard boots.  I'm a little scared to wear the outfit as it's a bit more 'trendy' than I usually try to wear so I'm going to be brave and try it out in London this weekend.  Although Nik likes it and he usually doesn't get the trendier things I wear so that's a good sign.  I think!  They also look good with the leopard print blazer and black patent shoes so that's kind of a capsule wardrobe - the shoes go with a dress I am taking too!

I have still, however, not done any exercise this week and my diet's been a bit all over the place due to loss of appetite and soreness.  Not to mention the fact that I will be in London eating out a lot and at a Tea Party (with lots of cake) and missing my Sunday Body Pump class and swimming as we don't get back til late!  This week's Sunday Weigh in will as a result most likely be delayed until Monday morning and I don't expect to see any miracles this week anyway!

As I'm writing this in bed on Thursday night I am hoping to still feel good in the morning and be able to go to work!  (I don't get paid if I'm not working so it sucks big time to be off sick!  It also sucks for the boss as he doesn't get his share of what I make meaning the fact he never called the plumber backfired big time as he's probably lost out more from me getting ill - obviously I may have gotten ill anyway but am convinced my shivery day didn't help!)  I will still have to take it easy and not push myself too hard as I would hate our weekend to be ruined as well since it's been planned for so long.  Nik is best man at the wedding and we're both looking for Indian clothing to wear for the Hindu ceremony!  I am very excited to wear a saree!!  Fingers crossed that's what I'll be blogging about next week!  :)

Goodnight!  x


kates said...

oooh, am also going to FF Afternoon Tea! Will see you there :-)

Hope you're feeling much better for the weekend.


Penny said...

Have a great time at the afternoon tea, wish I was with you all! For future refs you are unlikely to aggravate a cold if the symptoms are neck and up (eg. Not on your chest etc) that's not to say you should as I know it's not much fun when you're ill and sometimes rest is what you want, but if you wanted to hit the gym and were worried then have no fear! Sometimes it can even make you feel better, believe it or not...!


thebabywife said...

Hope you are having a lovely weekend away and feel a lot better x

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