Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Pen Doodleee-Do

So, the Pen Do, otherwise known as the most fun weekend EVER!  Some of the others have written about some of the random-nessthe personalities and their own experiences and I know Rebecca is planning a fashion run down (edit: as if on cue!).  Now, it's my turn.  My version may not be as eloquent or interesting, it is more of a blow by blow account BUT, I have pictures - dozens of them!!  ;)

The fun started as soon as I met Kirsty at Waverley train station, I was armed with goodies from M&S and a bottle of Frizzante!  (Only just remembered to run back and get cups, phew!)  We had a lovely mini feast on the train while catching up and chatting away about all sorts - fashion, blogs, greyhounds (her husband is allergic to dogs as well as mine so I am now on a mission to convince Nik we should get a greyhound because Kirsty says so!  ;)) and the weekend ahead.

I already mentioned meeting Amy and re-jigging the rooms when we arrived at the hotel.  I shared with Gemma which was just like being back in school again, lying there chatting far too late into the night.  That evening we went to  meet Penny who is just as cool and lovely as we all thought she was!  It was great to catch up with everyone and have a natter over a few drinks but we were very well behaved and headed back around midnight to save ourselves for Saturday night!

The next morning we all walked into town to meet Penny at the Corn Exchange - what a building!  We had a leisurely breakfast before wandering around town into a few vintage shops (there are LOADS in Leeds), through the beautiful Victoria Quarter and to the obligatory Topshop.

Kirsty & Penny looking amazing so early in the morning!

Anna and Gemma, equally bright eyed!

Eggs Benedict with mushrooms - Delish!

I discovered how amazing Illamasqua was, I seriously wanted to buy about ten of their amazing coloured nail varnishes but settled for 2 (vice and smash) - one of which is a matt rubber effect (going to try that out today!)  Anna was raving about the amazing pigments in the make-up, even as I was at the till - she is definitely a fan and her enthusiasm has made me want to try more of their products!  She even let me try out her lipstick and lip-liner that night, giving me a bright pink lip to clash with my green dress.  It took a little getting used to as I never usually wear lipstick but I loved it!  I will definitely be ordering from the amazing website!

We all planned on a power nap that afternoon (god we sound so old!) but I think only one of us managed before we all got ready and had special preparations to do - my pink lipstick and AMY'S HAIR BOW!!  We had all been admiring Amy's amazingly long, yet still in deliciously good condition (how does she do that, mine starts looking haggard at shoulder length!) hair and Gemma had decided she wanted to make a hair bow, Lady GaGa style.  We even went to pick up pipe cleaners (and for a snoop round Penny's house) to use for structure!  The result was amazing....

Action shot!

Final result!

When, suitably coiffed to perfection, we all headed to Neon Cactus where we met Laura at the bar before heading downstairs to our table.  Rebecca and  Penny soon turned up and we all ordered.  SO glad that Kirsty suggested the feast option (for 2 sharing) as the food was simply amazing!  We had 2 kinds of Nachos, followed by mini Tacos, then Pulled Pork Enchilladas (YUM!) AND Chicken Fajitas - the most amazing fajitas I've ever had - it was an actual 1/4 chicken on the griddle with salda verde drizzled over and so moist and citroussy.  Stuffed is an understatement (I had to loosen my belt, thank god my dress has a little stretch, oops!)  I was surprised that so many of the girls hadn't heard of a French Martini (My fave cocktail) so having ordered one, went around forcing everyone to try it!

Anna looking stunning, by candlelight

Kirsty, Rebecca and me at the bar


Everyone chatting intently

Anna and Lucy

Me, Gemma, Amy (hair bow still holding!)
After dinner, we moved on to a karaoke bar where we met Sam (Penny's lovely husband) Penny had arranged a private booth (thank goodness!) It was really well organised and we had a steady stream of staff offering us drinks and they even brought some nibbles in (I was so stuffed from the mexican feast I didn't even want any which is unlike me!)

On to the karaoke bar

Penny, Gemma, me

Amy with her gorgeous hair (and face)!
We all chose a few songs and despite my determination not to participate in actual singing (only from my comfy seat without a microphone thankyouverymuch) Gemma literally dragged me up to sing slaughter Katy Perry's Firework.  After that, and having not been booed off, I decided I would have to sing a Pink song as it was actually quite fun this karaoke lark!

Kirsty and Anna do Bon Jovi

Gemma & Rebecca

Kirsty teaching us all the Korean 'Nobody, Nobody, But You' Dance!

Singing my wee heart out to Pink

Laura, Rebecca and Kirsty
Penny and Gemma going for it!
When we were finally being thrown out, we decided we needed a group shot, but in a spectrum as we were all so colourful!
Lined up in a spectrum! 

PenDo girls, plus Sam

Some of us went on to another bar with the hottest, most packed dance floor ever before giving in and heading to bed.  Needless to say there were a few sore heads in the morning.  Back at the hotel, we all had notes under our door from the ever organised (thank goodness!) Anna telling us when and where to meet for breakfast!  :)

I had the much needed large version of this!

Sadly we all then had to say goodbye and head off north and south, despite us all wanting to move in with  Penny and Sam!  I think I might actually love all of these women, just enough that it's not creepy.  Except for Gemma who I have to admit, I do love a creepy amount but she knows that anyway ;)


amy said...

Ah, love the writing, love the pictures, love everything, love everyone!

Kate said...

I love this, it's like a friend nattering about their weekend.

The bow is just amazing. I'm going to have to google how to do a bow, for my own hair.


Penny said...

Loved reliving every second, had totally forgotten about Nobody Nobody But You... Going round my head now, it was amazing! Brilliant write up Bex!


rebecca@florencefinds said...

Awesome write up Bex! I wish I'd been there all weekend but hey, Saturday was AWESOME!


Gemma C-S said...

I will be available to make bows in people's hair for upcoming FF events!! I love you too Bex, and the photos are greche. A few too many of me for my taste, but whaddyagoddado? xxx

Bex said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bex said...

Lol, I didn't even notice there were so many of you - told you it was creepy ;)

Lynky said...

Looks like you all had a really great time and I'm just so glad you all turned out to be 'normal' ladies and not internet psycho's! We Mums do worry you know - no matter what age you are! lol

thebabywife said...

I think I might have a little lady crush on all of you *swoon* - looks like you had the most fantabulous time!


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