Friday, 2 March 2012

Shopaholic? Moi?

So, today I have had a wonderful day of treats!  I didn't have a lie in exactly (I seem to remember hubby being very noisy getting ready for work and shouting bye and me telling him to shhhh because it was my day off but after speaking to him this evening, it turns out that must have been a dream because he did say bye and I just replied bye.  Lol, bizarre!)  I was then wide awake at 8.15, thinking I had just been grumpy with him, when I hadn't, so decided to just get on with a few things.  Namely writing about my awesome weekend in Leeds and catching up on a few admin things.  I then had a lovely hour long chat with Mum, received a lovely email - therefore entering into short email convo - from Alicia the lovely lady from Spain (who left me a comment the other day, did you see?!?), and finally got hungry enough to get out of my cosy bed.  I caught up with Grey's Anatomy which started again last night, then had a little nap since I didn't get my hoped for lie-in.  Bliss!

After a nice long shower, I got organised, put on my recent Topshop, PenDo purchase and made my way into town.  I had an appointment for one of my facials (still have 3 left on my course I paid for almost a year ago, whoop!) which was just lovely as it's been months since I had one.  Sadly, my lovely facial lady, as I referred to her the first time, Gail is leaving and today was her last day, me being her last client there!  I wish I had taken her a card, I am really sad to see her go as she was so absolutely lovely to me in the run up to and after the wedding and always seemed genuinely interested in hearing about it, wanting to see pictures and today she even brought up the topic of my blog.  After I had told her about it last time she came and had a look!  (Hi Gail if you're still reading!)  She's also really good at facials - I always feel so relaxed walking out of the spa after a treatment and a natter with Gail!

After that, I called Nik to see if he wanted to join me for a Yo! Sushi since I was in town, while waiting for him I may have had a mini shopping spree!  I had already seen a beautiful coat in Ted Baker when I had been wandering round Frasers in London while waiting for Gemma to finish work.  I had managed to resist it then (limited luggage space) but was still thinking about it.  I had even been lusting after it on the website.  Since I still had it on my mind, I knew it wasn't going to be an impulse-may-regret-it-later buy so went to have another look at it in person and try it on.  Unfortunately Fortunately it fitted perfectly and is such good quality with a beautiful tulip lining, which is mentioned on the website but you can't see it.  It even has a cute little gold chain to hang it from.  It's such a classic design and will last for years so I decided it was a good investment with spring (hopefully) just around the corner!



Beautiful Lining
Cute chain

Needless to say, I bought it and plan to rock it at the Florence Finds Tea Party!  Yes, I shall predictably be in olive green, what can I say, I like my signature style and it suits me.  ;)

As I still had time to kill, I spotted a few other interesting items in Frasers and Office...

Planet Dress Was £129, now £89

Paired with this (which isn't as mustard or yellow as it looks here!)...

Lime green cardi

I really wanted some comfortable black ankle boots after my feet took a battering in London whether trying to be stylish in my (supposedly) comfy boots or sensible in my (so flat they make my back hurt) pumps.  I have found 2 pairs I like in Office and can't decide which to get although the studded ones seem to be sold out in my size...

Office, Neptune Studded Boot

Blowfish, Wycliffe Boot

I think I might prefer the 2nd one anyway.  They're both really comfortable (I tried the studded one in tan).  I may also have to get these bargainous ones which are half price...

£35 from Office

I did also spot some super comfy looking shoes in M&S...

Pointed Toe Red Slingbacks

I think these would look great with jeans, the colour of red is much nicer in real life than on the website.

Patent Peep Toe Wedges
These were very comfy too and will hopefully replace the patent peep toe Kurt Geiger shoes I bought recently but decided after wearing them round inside that they weren't as comfy as originally thought :(  They have been returned so hopefully I might have more luck with these (which were also almost half the price although not quite as sexy!)

Then, after all that shoe lusting, I came home to find...

These amazing flowers from Kirsty, via I Heart Flowers!!!  She wanted to thank me for being her train buddy to Leeds and providing food for the journey.  So sweet and not at all needed - I thoroughly enjoyed her company and love a train feast ;)  It is always nice to receive unexpected flowers though and they are appreciated!!  :D


Penny said...

Loving those half price Office numbers! And the coat is beautiful.


thebabywife said...

That coat is gorgeous!

Glasgow Mummy said...

Love the coat!

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