Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sunday Weigh In 2

It's now been 2 weeks since starting my new healthy lifestyle, I decided that each Sunday I will post up my progress, whether successful or not in the hope that it encourages me to stay positive and keep going.  Knowing that I will be sharing it all here will hopefully keep my willpower up!  In order for me to keep track and look back for ideas, I will be listing my food diary here as well (and who knows, it might inspire others to have a go too!)  It also gives me somewhere to put all the photos of the yummy food I love to take as it always looks so good!

So this week I have tried a bit harder and reduced the egg and smoothie quantities.


Breakfast - Leftover Thai red chicken curry (yes I'm weird and quite like leftovers for breakfast!)
Lunch - Chicken salad (spring onion, cucumber, celery, tomatoes, lettuce, capers, red pepper, chicken pieces, drizzle of lime juice, drizzle of avocado oil, black pepper), yellow split pea soup, glass of skimmed milk
Dinner - baked salmon fillet, drizzle of lime, baked potato with garlic hummus (instead of butter!), broccoli and asparagus (stir fried in a tiny drizzle of olive oil and crushed garlic)
Snacks - fruit box (melon, grapes, kiwi), kiwi berries, raspberries, quavers

Exercise - 1 hour walking, 30 mins swimming (40 lengths) (in my sexy swimming cap!!!)


Breakfast - 1/2 can baked beans, 2 scrambled eggs (this left me very hungry by mid morning and I only had a handful of raspberries and a few tiny gherkins to keep me going so I will be more organised in future and have either veggie sausages or toast as well.), orange juice
Lunch - 1 & 1/2 sandwiches using seeded wholemeal bread, chicken tikka pieces, hummus and lettuce and a tiny piece of cheddar cheese as I was craving it after seeing (and resisting gouda slices in Lidl when I went in for bread)  Also, the bread was so nice I had one of the small slices off the end with a tiny smear of Lurpak Lightest while making my sandwich (perils of being hungry!), apple juice
Dinner - tiny portion of chicken & spinach balti and rice, made with yoghurt instead of cream, soda water
Snacks - raspberries, gherkins, cheese & onion squares, soda water, tuna roll - with cottage cheese in stead of mixing with mayo! (I was working late and hungry at 5pm)

Exercise - 1 hour walking, 30 mins swimming (30 or 32 lengths - I lost count!)


Breakfast - 2 scrambled eggs with 1 slice smoked salmon, 2 slices wholemeal seeded bread, no butter, semi-skimmed milk
Lunch -  leftover chicken balti with rice, semi-skimmed milk
Dinner - Yo Sushi (tuna and salmon sashimi, mixed fish maki, cucumber maki, edamame beans, prawn nigiri - i.e. all my favourites!  Total calories = approx 700), 1/2 a Fuel Cheeky Cherry Smoothie (cherries, orange juice, honey, banana, frozen yoghurt)
Snacks - cherry yoghurt, ready salted squares, soda water, 2 Thorntons Viennese truffles

Exercise - 1 hour walking


Breakfast - 2 veggie sausages, 1 scrambled egg, 2 grilled mushrooms, apple juice
Lunch - parsnip & tomato soup, 3/4 of a tuna mayo sandwich on brown bread, 1/2 latte
Dinner -  hot smoked salmon fillet with lettuce leaves and balsamic vinegar
Snacks - cherry yoghurt, soda water, mango

Exercise - 30 mins swimming (40 lengths), 1 hour horse-riding


Breakfast - 2 veggie sausages, 1 slice 50/50 poppyseed bread, 1 fried egg, 1 grilled mushroom, orange juice, skimmed milk
Lunch - salad (peppers, gem lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, celery) with salmon fillet, drizzle balsamic and avocado oil
Dinner - chilli con carne & rice with a wholemeal pitta bread, 1 glass Rioja
Snacks - 1/2 can tuna, melon & grape fruit box, quavers, skimmed milk, 2 pickled onions, 1 teenie tiny chocolate cupcake (I took a picture holding it to prove it was a titchy one!)

Exercise - none (it was chucking it down so I took the car to work)


Breakfast - 1/2 cup of tea (got up late again - reading in bed, bliss!)
Lunch - left over chilli with small portion of rice, skimmed milk
Dinner - we had people over for dinner but I managed to stay reasonably healthy -
chicken curry, paneer curry, (both made my hubby so as healthy as possible - when I pointed out to use oil NOT butter!) rice, chapatti, black forest gateau (recipe to follow soon) - also pretty healthy as cakes go as it's made with sunflower oil instead of butter, 1 glass Rioja, skimmed milk
Snacks - slice of toast, hot smoked salmon fillet, bloody mary with celery (the healthiest cocktail I can think of)

Exercise - 2 hours of frantic tidying!


Breakfast - 2 scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, one slice of 50/50 poppyseed toast (no butter), apple juice
Lunch - small portion of leftover chilli, rice and 1 wholemeal pitta, skimmed milk
Dinner -  (To be added later as I'm going to Nachos with Sarah after Body Pump!) Edit - Nachos was shut, as was Eat Cafe, Bungo didn't have tables, Ikafe, Moyra Janes and Mise En Place were all shut - we ended up in Waverly Tea Rooms and I was bad and had a chicken breast burger with chips.  I was starving by then as it had been an hour since we started looking for somewhere to eat!!  Soda &Lime.
Snacks - peach yoghurt

Exercise - 1 hour body pump class followed by 25 mins swimming - 36 lengths - was aiming for 50 but they made me get out as the pool was closing :(

And the results this week:

Weight last week - 13 st 4 lbs
Weight this week - 13st 1 1/2 lbs
Loss/Gain this week - 2 1/2 lbs

Total Loss - 2 1/2 lbs

Yaaaaaaay!  I think I will find it even easier now that I am seeing results.  I am already less achy this week after horse-riding (which I plan to make a 2-weekly thing as it's a bit expensive) and hopefully won't be as sore after body pump either - it killed me last week!!!  I will be taking up pilates again this Thursday as that was something I used to enjoy but gave up when the wedding got close as I was so busy!  I'm looking forward to getting back into it again.

Edit: Just realised I'm still having too many eggs (the same as last week - I thought I'd had less!) so will need to watch that more.  I love that its so easy to look back and see what I've had and compare weeks by having it all saved on here.


Roz said...

Well done you!! I love how Saturday's exercise was 2 hours of frantic tidying (may have snorted at that one!) I've so been there! You are certainly doing a lot of exercise on a daily basis, stick to it :) You'll inspired me to go and cook a healthy tea for the boy returning home xx

thebabywife said...

Well done you - that's absolutely fab! All your food looks lovely too - just shows you can still have a varied diet and lose weight too xxx

Bex said...

Thanks guys - it really helps having your support, I always want to keep going to have good results for the blog on Sunday!! :)

Ling said...

Wow, that's great! Slow but effective weight loss :)

Maybe I should do an eating plan too...but then I eat a load of crap during the day! I put on SOOO much weight after getting married - cant fit any of my old clothes and my belly sticks out loads - so much that ppl keep asking if I'm pregnant! GURRR!

Penny said...

Eggs aren't bad at all! I can see why you were hungry after the beans/egg brekkie though, slice of wholemeal toast needed for carbs. Stick with it Bex! You're doing brilliantly.


Bex said...

Thanks so much Penny! It feels good :)

Bex said...

And to all those egg haters out there...

AND Dr Christian (and Penny!) says they're good too!

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