Thursday, 8 March 2012


Just a quick post today as it's been a tiring week with all my exercising!  Sadly I have been also staying up too late, although I am feeling better generally and less tired during the day, I've been spending my evenings devouring blogs and my book, One Day.  My internet has also been a bit squiffy these last few days and takes forever to load anything so I am giving up tonight on trying to add pictures and make this post more interesting I'm afraid!

I had an amazing day today reading all of the LOVELY comments on their giveaway of one of my prints.  I have actually got sore cheeks from all the grinning!!

Today, I will mostly be swimming, horse riding, food shopping and then catching up with all the awesome-ness I am convinced will be appearing on Any Other Woman every hour to celebrate International Women's Day!  So, since I'm all boring over here today, head over there to check out what I am sure will be some amazing and insightful posts from some amazing ladies (I know who a few of them are so I can guarantee there will be some fabulous writing - although I'm pretty sure judging by the AOW standards that it all will be!!)

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