Friday, 20 April 2012

Arbroath & Aberdeen (Cute baby alert)

I mentioned on my Sunday Weigh in that we'd been to Arbroath and Aberdeen for the weekend to visit friends.  We had a great time despite the crazy cold weather (we had repeated snow, hail and sunshine all during one lunch!) catching up and at Vikki's baby, Emily's Christening.  Emily was the bump up on stage with me at our wedding!  :)

In Arbroath I spent Friday evening catching up with Ashleigh who I met randomly in Scruffy Murphy's Pub in Sydney, Australia when travelling in 2004 and it turned out we lived just 20 minutes apart back home!  We've kept in touch (mostly thanks to Ashleigh as I'm useless but she always gets in touch for a catch up which I'm so grateful for!) ever since and I can't believe her little girl is 18 months already!!  I remember meeting her when she was just 4 months old and was delighted to see that one of the photos I took of them then is now featured on a massive canvas in their living room  :)  I'm gutted I forgot to take any pictures while we were there this time!  I was too busy having fun and forgot to unpack my camera!

We had a very cold walk through Arbroath on Saturday while waiting for Nik to arrive (he was working the late shift on Friday so got the train up Sat morning) and popped into a couple of our old favourite shops before meeting up with Nik and Ashleigh's other half, Ian for a yummy lunch at the new Harbourside Grill.

That afternoon we headed up the road again to Aberdeen to stay with Vikki before the Christening the next day.  They had relatives visiting for dinner so we went out to Pizza Express and met up with Alison (Sarah's sister).

When we got back to Vikki's house there were champagne, cheese & biscuits on offer, VERY hard to resist  but a very delicious treat!

On Sunday we all got dressed up in our finest for church to see the gorgeous Emily get Christened and had a lovely time.  She is such a happy smiley baby and was very well behaved for the minister.  We enjoyed the treats again at the reception after with soup, sandwiches and cake!

The lady of the moment after breakfast
All dressed up and practising standing

We gave her a heart shaped christening spoon as a gift which doubles up as a soothing chime and was an instant hit - straight in the mouth!  ;)

Emily started clapping after the christening and seemed to really enjoy the attention! 

Oh, and the Mulberry got it's first outing!!  :)


Jillian Nicole said...

Such a beautiful and very happy, little girl! So sweet!:)

Vikki said...

Fab photos Bex as ever! Will need to get copies from you. It is a shame I am not as photogenic as Emily!! Especially love the one looking down on her with her dress all swirled out around her. Emily has enjoyed looking at the photos too and was clapping at them so she is impressed. xxx

Unknown said...

She is adorable (and I really like seeing your Mulberry bag in use too!)

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