Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Black Blazers

Another item I am in need of for the impending nuptials of Nik's brother in May is a black blazer to go with my emerald dress, just in case it's not sunny and warm!  Surprisingly, I don't own this basic classic item (unless you count my casual jersey version but I need something smarter) so began searching...

I found some great bargainous options in H&M...

Love the frills on this one, £29.99

Bit more formal but I love the lining! £24.99

Can't find this on their site but got it in store, Peplum Blazer £29.99

Love the pink bird print lining on this cropped one too! £14.99

I accidentally spotted a couple of more expensive ones in Hobbs after Kirsty pinned them on Pinterest!  I think she's a mind reader AND a shopping guru!

This one's grey but gorgeous! Suede Waterfall blazer, £349, £199

A more classic design, £99

And there's this Florence Finds favourite (but in black) from French Connection...

Connie, £150

Which is your favourite?  I haven't decided which I like best yet and have ordered or bought most of these to try with the dress.  When they have all arrived I might have to take photos with the outfit on to ask your help choosing!!  :)


Kirsty | A Safe Mooring said...

You are correct. I am a mind reader as well as a shopping guru. Can't believe I've been found out! ;)

For what it's worth, I like the peplum one, the second Hobbs one and the FC one - I think they're the least "worky" and most appropriate for a special event like a wedding. The suede is gorge but maybe a little heavy/wintery for a May wedding.

Lynky said...

I also love the suede one, but since Kirsty is the guru I will defer to her superior taste, I agree the peplum ones are more suitable for a wedding. Look forward to the pics. Love Mum xx

Unknown said...

I agree with everything Kirsty said. She is a shopping guru!

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