Thursday, 5 April 2012

Cake Club

I mentioned that I had joined a baking club in Glasgow and the first meeting was on Sunday.  I had an absolutely amazing time and thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many different women and eating all the different cakes!  It was such a great event organised very well by Alison and took place in the lovely home of Mrs Jones.

The Baking Club Ladies

I love these types of things I find out about through twitter and am amazed at how many new friends I have been able to meet this way!  It's not always easy making new friends as an adult but twitter and blogging have given me so many opportunities with blog parties, clubs like this and just random meet ups (Hi Gemma!)

Some of these have actually led to proper friendships and I love keeping in touch with people via email, twitter and blog comments but still enjoy getting the chance to meet up now and again.  In fact, since our random twitter arranged glass of wine (all because we realised we lived in the same city, albeit just for another week), Gemma and I have since met up on 3 or 4 occasions (including me sleeping in her living room in London for a weekend!) and she is coming to visit when back up in Glasgow next weekend with her husband.

So, anyway, back to cake club!  There were 14 ladies in attendance and all of us took along our favourite bake.  Mine was my Blueberry and Lemon Drizzle Cake.  There were so many different cakes to try and I managed small pieces of 6 while I was there (not so good for the new healthy eating plan!) but stuck to glasses of semi-skimmed milk rather than tea or coffee which I'm trying to avoid due to the caffeine.  We all had a wonderful time chatting and getting to know each other.  The age range was from about my age up to grandmothers with ladies from all walks of life (ex-army nurses, a marketing manager, a social housing worker, professional caterers...).  I didn't manage to get round and speak to everyone but those I did chat with were lovely and I can't wait to get another chance to meet up with everyone and get to know them better!  (Roll on June for the next meeting!)

Mrs Jones' cake bits n bobs

To see more detail of all the cakes in attendance please see the review post on the baking club blog.  Come back here this afternoon at 12.30pm to see the details of my outfit!  :)


Unknown said...

Those cakes look absolutely gorgeous. What a brilliant idea.

Prettiest Hobo said...

Ok, a. stunning outfit - you look gorgeous in a laid-back-chic way.
b. It CAN be hard to make friends as an adult but it's flipping lovely to
have met you, randomly or not!
c. Om nom nom cake xxx

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