Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Dragonfly Prints

The fashion world is finally catching up with my dragonfly obsession!  Ever since Gemma sent me a link to these "bathers" because of all the swimming I've been doing lately, I've been seeing more and more dragonfly print in the shops!

'Marylin' Swimsuit, The White Stuff £35

'Ava' Bikini, The White Stuff £34.95

Cream Dragonfly Vest, Dorothy Perkins £13.50

Dragonfly Print Blouse, Phase Eight £39.00

Dragonfly Flower Print Linen Sleeveless Dress, Laura Ashley £95

Pink Dragonfly Print Silk Scarf, Laura Ashley £22

Dragonfly Print Scarf with Lacy trim, Fraas £20

They even have stuff for guys...

White Crew Dragonfly Print T-Shirt, Burton £16


Roz said...

Ooooh I love the DP vest and the Fraas scarf :)

Ps I thought by your title that this post was about our screen printing class! Have you designed your stencil yet? x

Bex said...

No, not yet, have you!?

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