Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Gold Shoes - Help needed

I mentioned that we are going to a family wedding in May which is a 2 day event.  On the Saturday we'll be attending the Hindu ceremony and on the Sunday, the Church ceremony of Nik's brother and his fiancée.

I will be wearing my new saree on the Saturday and on the Sunday I have bought an emerald green maxi dress as I wanted something that would go with these gorgeous earrings I received as a wedding present from Nik's Grandma.

I have already made plans to style it and have decided to wear gold shoes.  I initially found these stunning Biba ones in House of Fraser but sadly after trying a couple of times to wear them in the house they are just too high for me and even at the sale price are too expensive considering I will probably hardly wear them since I struggle to walk in them or keep them on for long - my feet need more comfort!

I love the T-bar style, the soft gold leather and the sparkles in the back of the heels.  Unfortunately I need to be sensible as they really are beyond my comfort limit.  Any of you lucky ladies who can cope with super high heels, they are reduced from £200 to £99 in House of Fraser right now (and also available in a pinky red for £89).  I also felt they were a little bit too glam when worn with the dress and made it a bit more evening gown than 'weddingy'.

So, I have been looking for another pair of gold shoes and after searching many all the shoe websites I could think of (Schuh, Office, Dune, Kurt Geiger, HoF, Debenhams, Dorothy Perkins, Aldo, Oasis, ASOS, New Look, L K Bennett, M&S, Next, Barratts, Clarks, even wedding shoe sites!) and have so far found only these four which I think might be suitable and go with the dress... (these have been ordered but not tried on yet)

Might also be too high but has a platform - Debenhams, £50

Might keep these for the dancing/foot relief later on - Debenhams, £22

Not sure these are the right look I'm going for but they look comfy - Debenhams, £35

Like the look of these and again, platform so hopefully comfy - Elegant Steps, £59.95

So, if there are any obvious shoe places I have missed or you know of a stunning, yet comfy, pair of gold pretty shoes, please let  me know in the comments below!!  I'm also starting to wonder if a wedge might work.  In case it helps, here is the dress...

Emerald Silk Maxi Dress - Topshop Limited Edition, £175

I plan on wearing it with a black blazer, gold shoes, a black clutch with gold detailing, a gold bracelet and gold watch. (I will post more on the accessories another time.)

Oh, also I found these too (when looking in HoF) but at £400, slightly over budget!!  (I'm saving my life list designer item for something else I've been coveting for a while and will hopefully get more use out of!  It begins with M!  Any guesses?)


Anonymous said...

Is it a 'mac'? I've been reading your blog for a little while and I love it. Sat and read it all from start to finish a couple of weekends ago so I know you love a 'mac'! The gold and green look lovely by the way.

P.S. You never did do a blog about the BBQ before your wedding 'hint hint'!!

Bex said...

Hi Lorri! Wow I can't believe you read it all in a weekend! It's not a mac.

Thanks for reminding me about the BBQ, I never received any of those photos from our photographer and he did take a few so I will chase him up for them and write a post! :)

Unknown said...

I think wedges could work - how about something like this? The cork would make it daytime but the shininess makes it a bit special? And they are reduced.

Penny said...

Personally I would go with the flats, you're tall enough to make them work with a maxi and all sandals mince my feet! It makes my toes hurt just thinking about them.


Gemma C-S said...

I know what the M item is!! I know what it is!! And Siobhan, those wedges look BRILLIANT - as I have seen the dress on, I know. I should also add that it looks stunning on Bex xx

Kirsty | A Safe Mooring said...

Ooh, yes! Love those!

Kirsty | A Safe Mooring said...

I was totally going to suggest these when I heard about the dress, but maybe not if you're going for gold accessories.

I think wedges or flats would be a good choice.

Wedges: These are very cool. These are more elegant. These are classics.

Flats: Dune has some gorgeous embellished sandals that could work really well. These are kind of cool.

Do you use Shopstyle? It's the best thing ever when you're looking for something specific.

Does the thing beginning with M end in -ulberry...?

Bex said...

Me too!! I'm definitely thinking a wedge now!

Bex said...

Thanks for all the help everyone! I think I will end up going for a wedge now, probably going to order those ASOS ones!!

And yes, the M item is indeed a Mulberry!! :D

Off to check out Shopstyle now, thanks Kirsty!

Roz said...

These are amazing, get them!! :)

Roz said...

Yeah clearly posted the above before I read this, looking forward to a blog post on the complete outfit. Kirsty thanks for recommending Shopstyle, just had a look and it's fab x

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