Thursday, 19 April 2012

May Wedding - Nails

Can you tell I miss planning a wedding?!  I am having lots of fun planning my wedding outfits for May instead!  ;)

I have a few ideas for what to do with my nails with my green and gold outfit for the Sunday wedding.  I don't want to be too out there but do like some of the quirky options I've seen around lately.  I like the idea of sticking with a classic gold for my fingernails but I like the idea of having one finger on each hand in a clashing colour and had the idea of toning this down with a gold crackle effect over the top.  I tried it with a black undercoat and a pink one...

Nik hates both of these although I quite like the black plain and with the crackle effect.  I've decided to do the pink on my toes to tie in with my pink ring and add a bit more of a splash of colour.

I also tried a more subtle effect by adding just a gold glitter effect to the ring finger which I quite like as well...

I might just end up doing boring old gold on all fingers, although I'm tempted to cut them short and do them all black too which I think looks fab but it's not very weddingy.  I'm also loving this black matte with shiny tip effect.

Anyone have any other ideas or opinions on these experiments??  ;)

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