Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Storage on display

When I was in London for Any Other Party last year, my friend Frances took me to Portobello Market on the Saturday and I purchased an old printer drawer with a view to making my own smaller version of this.  I have bought the smallest hooks I can find from Homebase and it has been sitting in our spare room ever since.

The drawer I chose from the packed out stall was one which was a good size, in pretty good condition, already had a hook attached for hanging and had a nice swirly pattern with the word LONDON across the top.  The handle also said Joyce & Co.  Joyce was my Grandmother's name.  I think it was from the 30's and I paid about £20 for it.  It still has the original paper in the middle with lettering printed on.

As I've been experimenting with my nails more recently I had also been thinking about having some of my nail varnishes out on display as I have some lovely colours.  (What I really want to do is line them up in order of colour but I don't think Nik would be too happy about that in our bedroom!)  The other day I had the idea of putting some of them on the little shelves of the drawer when it's hung...

 In the smaller spaces I have put some of my large rings on display to add a bit more colour and sparkle.

I think it will look better with earrings hanging in it instead but this will do for now until I find the time (and courage) to add the hooks.


Joan Hunter Dunn said...

I think it looks great with the varnishes in. How about two one for varnish one for earrings?!

Unknown said...

I agree with the above - I think it looks great as is!

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