Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sunday Weigh In 5

It's now been 5 weeks since starting my new healthy lifestyle I decided that each Sunday I will post up my progress, whether successful or not in the hope that it encourages me to stay positive and keep going.  Knowing that I will be sharing it all here will hopefully keep my willpower up!  In order for me to keep track and look back for ideas, I will be listing my food diary here as well (and who knows, it might inspire others to have a go too!)  It also gives me somewhere to put all the photos of the yummy food I love to take as it always looks so good!

This week has been a little trickier to keep motivated due to one thing or another.  At the start of the week the weather was horrid, cold, sleet and snow = taking the car to work!  I had a bad night's sleep on Wednesday so was pretty knackered thus ending up being un-organised and heading to Greggs for a ready made roll.  The weather made it more difficult to be motivated generally as I just wanted to be at home snuggled up.  It has definitely made a difference and I hope to carry on walking next week even if it's raining.  I am hoping to tone up even more by May as I have a big family wedding to attend and hope to look my best in my Saree and new dress (it's a 2 day thing).


Breakfast - 1 boiled egg, 2 veggie sausages, 2 slices 5/5 seeded bread, apple, pear & plum juice
Lunch - salad (lettuce, tomatoes, celery, red onion, beetroot, yellow pepper, smoked tuna, crayfish, tzatsiki yoghurt dressing), small piece of jarlsberg cheese
Dinner - Yo! Sushi (salmon sashimi, mixed fish maki, cucumber maki, fizzy water, soy sauce, wasabi, ginger)
Snacks - dragonfruit, small piece of carrot cake, quavers, hard boiled egg, pepperami mini

Exercise - 30-45 mins walking round Silverburn


Breakfast - hard boiled egg, 1/2 can baked beans, 1 slice 50/50 toast, skimmed milk
Lunch - 1/2 mushroom pizza
Dinner - salmon fillet with Mediterranean sauce (tomato & olive from asda), peas, sweetcorn, skimmed milk, blueberry wheat cereal with skimmed milk
Snacks - quavers, skimmed milk, tin of mackerel, cherry & Greek yoghurt Muller corner, sweet chilli snack-a-jack crunchy curls, passion fruit

Exercise - 30 mins swimming (40 lengths)


Breakfast - 1 boiled egg, 1/2 can baked beans, 1 slice toast
Lunch - mexican chicken oval bite from Greggs
Dinner - mushroom omelette, ketchup, cherry tomatoes, skimmed milk, melon pieces
Snacks - dragon fruit, wotsits, apple, plum & pear juice

Exercise - 1 hour walking


Breakfast - 2 bacon medallions (I have really missed bacon), 2 slices wholemeal bread (1 toasted), 1 egg fried in flora spray oil, smear of ketchup, apple & raspberry juice
Lunch - 1/2 Asda Chicken, Basil & Tomato sandwich (with tomatade & basil crème fraiche dressing & spinach), orange juice
Dinner -  Yo! Sushi again!  (Love Blue Thursdays AND Blue Monday deals!) (Salmon sashimi, assorted fish maki, cucumber maki, salmon & avocado hand roll, pumpkin korroke, prawn nigiri)
Snacks - the other half of the sandwich, fruit (strawberries, cantaloupe, grapes, blackberries)

Exercise - 1 hour horse-riding, 40 mins swimming (60!! lengths - I managed 45 in 30 mins, so went for 50 in 35 then thought I may as well carry on and do 60!)


Breakfast - scrambled egg & 1 slice wholemeal toast, soda water
Lunch - Sweet chilli shredded beef wrap with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, yellow pepper, semi-skimmed milk
Dinner - Weight Watchers Chicken, Tomato & Spinach lasagne, salad (lettuce, cherry tomatoes, yellow peppers, avocado oil, balsamic), semi-skimmed milk
Snacks - soda water, quavers, yoghurt, physalis, boiled egg, pieces of mexican chicken, piece of ham, 1 thorntons Viennese truffle

Exercise - 32 mins swimming (50 lengths)


Breakfast - 2 grilled bacon medallions, 2 scrambled eggs, handful of button mushrooms (fried in flora spray)
Lunch - mexican chicken wrap (lettuce, peppers, hummus, red onion, avocado, natural yoghurt)
Dinner - Asda Good For You Thai Green Chicken Noodles, fruit box (cantaloupe, kiwi, mango, pineapple), small glass red wine
Snacks - ready salted hula hoops, 1/2 cup tea,

Exercise - none


Breakfast - 2 grilled bacon medallions, 4 grilled baby portobello mushrooms, 2 eggs fried in the bottom of a wok (no oil), 1 slice wholemeal toast, orange juice
Lunch - shredded sweet chilli beef wrap (lettuce, peppers, avocado, cherry tomatoes, red onion, Tzatsiki, Tabasco sauce), wotsits, soda & cordial
Dinner - I'm planning an Indian take-away (Lamb Bhuna with boiled rice) as a treat since I've been good with the cakes this week!  And it's Easter and Nik's away so I fancy a treat!
Snacks - treated myself to a Wispa gold (since it is Easter after all!), fruit box (apple, grapes, orange, pineapple), quavers, yoghurt

Exercise - 45 min body pump class, 30 mins swimming (46 lengths)

And the results this week:

Start Weight - 13 st 4 lbs
Weight last week - 12 st 12 lbs
Weight this week - 12 st 10 lbs
Loss/Gain this week - 2lbs

Total Loss -8 lbs

This week I have also taken my measurements as it's been a month since I remembered to take 'before' measurements.  I don't want to do this too often so that I can really notice a difference so I will take them every 4 weeks.  This is where I am really hoping to see a difference rather than weight loss as it's my muffin top and saddle bags which I most want to diminish!  It would be great if I could look better in some of my favourite old clothes I haven't worn for a while (but couldn't bear to get rid of) due to being a bit overweight.  I have noticed that already my jeans are definitely not as snug!  :)

Inch Loss:
Arm - 1/4"
Chest - 1/2"
Waist - 1"
Love Handles (Muffin Top) - 2"
Bum - 0
Thighs (Saddle Bags) - 1 1/2"
Single Thigh - 1 1/2"

Before and Now in my gym gear... (relaxed - not sucking in tummy!)



Lynky said...

Definitely looking more toned. Meals look great too. Off on hols tomorrow but will be checking back regularly. Love you lots. Mum

thebabywife said...

Fantastic - well done you! Definately notice a difference in your gym pics :) x

Bex said...

:) Thanks, have fun on holiday!! xx

Bex said...

Thanks, I'm really noticing a difference too :)

Vikki said...

Looking fab Bex! Looking forward to seeing you next weekend! Xxx

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