Thursday, 26 April 2012

What I wore - spring brights

Since we've had a bit of a depressing grey week, I decided on Thursday (my day off) that I would add some colour to my day and dress up a bit to head into town rather than my usual chucking on of the old jeans!  I've decided I will try and do this every Thursday (avoid the boring old jeans & vest/jumper combo) and actually wear some of my favourite clothes which I love to buy and yet don't wear often enough due to having a uniform for work.

So, today I was going into town for a bit of pampering as I have 3 of my block booked facials at Clarins left (now 2).  I also needed to source some make-up for the upcoming wedding which I can't believe is already NEXT weekend!!  I had been looking into getting my make-up done at a MAC counter but sadly have left it too late to organise and despite their best efforts, they can't fit me in.  I did a bit of research to try to find someone to do my make-up, but what with it being in London it was just too pricey.  (Although after seeing what I've ended up spending today it pales in comparison!!  But I just keep reminding myself that this beautiful make-up is now mine to keep and with practice I can hopefully achieve (almost) as good results!)  I will post about the items I bought and the tips I received soon but here is what I wore today...

I finished my look with a turquoise eye-liner and gold eye-shadow and turquoise metallic nail polish...

Revlon Nail Polish

And as for details of the items...

Skirt from Mango

Vest from Dorothy Perkins

Earrings from Lori's Shoes

Necklace from Stella & Dot

Cuff from Lori's Shoes

Shoes from Jones Bootmaker

Watch from Guess (similar)

Bag from Oasis

Linen Jacket from H&M (ancient)
Turquoise Scarf from M&S (old)

I absolutely love the combination of coral and turquoise.  I was really pleased with the whole outfit and received LOADS of compliments, especially on my accessories, from the girls at the make-up counters and in Clarins.  The girl at Illamasqua (who had amazing turquoise hair!) said she loved all my colours and even described me as a bird of paradise!?

It was Nik's birthday today but he was working so we had a mini celebration Yo! Sushi dinner (his choice) as we are away to Edinburgh tomorrow night for the proper wining and dining celebrations!  :)

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Unknown said...

I love the colours of this outfit - no wonder you got so many compliments!

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