Thursday, 14 June 2012

Day 1 Sneak Peek

Since we have free Wifi in the hotel I can't resist posting a quick picture from today to give you a taste of the full report to come when we get back.  We love it so far, despite the 3am start!  Have managed to keep going all day and about to have an early night to be refreshed for tomorrow (although planning a day of chilling out by the pool!)

I had meant to write a post of all the things I was most looking forward to on this holiday, my first time in Italy, but ran out of time so here is a quick list...

Eating an authentic Italian pizza.  I LOVE pizza and am keen to try the real thing!
Chillaxing by the pool.  I am so looking forward to a proper chill out basking in the sun.
Exploring the local town.  I can't wait to hang out where the locals do and sample the Italian lifestyle.
A bit of shopping and checking out the Italian leathers.  I've been on the lookout for a nice leather jacket for years and never found the perfect fit/style.
All the other Italian food!  I think that despite my recent healthy turnaround, you all know how much I love my food!
Wearing all my summer outfits and accessories.  I have loved planning my style for this holiday with a few new pieces but a few older ones that now fit again!  I can't wait to share them all on the blog.

So far I am not in the least bit disappointed!  As soon as we checked in to our hotel (which is lovely by the way, but more on that when I return) we headed to the pool bar for lunch as it was a long time since our early morning bacon roll at the airport!  Of course, I had to have a pizza and it was cooked in their outside stone wood-burning oven and was amazing!!!

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Unknown said...

It looks yummy. So glad you are having fun.

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