Tuesday, 19 June 2012

One day left!

We have one full day left in Italy.  I am gutted to be leaving and it seems to have gone SO quickly, we still haven't decided what we want to do tomorrow as we have so many choices of things we haven't yet seen or experienced!  I would like to say a HUGE thanks though to everyone who gave us recommendations of places to see and where to eat (you know who you are but I will be referring to you all again in my full write ups!)  We have been to all of the places recommended to us and loved absolutely every single one.  They wouldn't have been discovered without the tip offs so thank you guys 'n' gals!!

Another fine example of the benefits of blogging - sharing travel tips!  :)  If it wasn't for the blog and twitter and all of your lovely comments we wouldn't have even ended up here and knowing so many fab places to go during our week away, especially as we had no time for proper research before we left!  I look forward to sharing our experiences with you all when I get back, hopefully with some more useful tips (Bella!)  ;)

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Unknown said...

So glad you have been having lots of fun!

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