Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Out with the old, in with the new!

Just a quick post today as I've been super busy getting organised for the next meeting of Glasgow Baking Club tonight!  This time, I am hosting so I've been frantically trying to tidy the flat, finish unpacking (ahem, yes we got back a week ago!), bake my cake and be prepared with soft drinks, etc.  It's been a busy week back with blogging, screen printing and being back at work but I feel like I'm now on top of things again.

Anyway, this post is just a quick account of my favourite hair product, my GHD straighteners!  I first bought a pair of these after trying some out when I was a student, 9 years ago and have been using them ever since! They've lasted me well but the wire was starting to go and the heat proof mat (bought separately on ebay) had definitely seen better days!

They've done me well but it was about time I got a new set and what a coincidence that I had been recently coveting the new limited edition peacock collection which comes in blue, purple and GREEN!  I had been planning on investing in a set of the green ones when I got back from holiday but when I spotted them in duty free with £20, plus a £10 duty free voucher burning a hole in my pocket (the plan was to buy wine for the holiday!) I figured it was fate!  So.... tadaaaah...

These new ones come in such a heat proof bag a divider for the cable and is attached (but detachable) to the heat proof mat with the beautiful peacock feather design on the back and they also have a cover for the hot end of the utensil for when you're finished.  They are also much lighter and sleeker with gorgeous green plates and they beep when they're hot enough to use which is also infinitely quicker than my previous old model!  I've been told they also have a safety cut off and will switch themselves off after a certain amount of time so never again will I have those thoughts on the train of 'Did I turn them off!?'

Does anyone use GHDs?  I find they're the only thing that really tames my hair as I'm useless at blowdrying!  These really sort out the frizz and kinks in my hair.  I love them!


Unknown said...

I'm not a GHD fan as I prefer my hair wavy or curly most of the time, but know most people who wear their hair straight swear by them. Good work on getting your green set.

Katielase said...

GHDs are hand on heart the best thing to EVER happen to my appearance, ever. I will never stop loving them.

K x

PS: the automatic switch-themselves-off after 30 min or whatever it is is the MOST useful feature. Saves me hours of panicking.

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