Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Scottish Fashion Awards

This is a super quick blog post as I want to get the pics up and write a quick report before our holiday but as I am working 9-7 today followed by Pilates (IF I am organised enough finishing packing at lunchtime) followed by an early night (aiming for 10pm as we get up at 3am!) I won't have another chance until we get back!  I have to get ready for work soon (was too late to write last night) so it probably won't be my best writing I'm afraid!

Last night I went to the Scottish Fashion Awards with Sarah and Laura.  This is the first year they have opened up tickets to the public and Sarah suggested we go along for a bit of fun.  Plus we're all interested in Fashion and write blogs so it was the perfect opportunity to have a different night out and get dolled up and then write about it here :)  I wore my Topshop silk maxi dress again but with slightly different accessories this time and my hair up.  I paired it with the same Carvella wedges, double Primark gold cuffs and my amazing emerald earrings (wedding present from my grandmother-in-law).  I also wore the same ring with a pop of pink and my trusty Mulberry clutch which I just love!

It was an early start so we all arranged to leave work early (having actual day jobs rather than being proper fashion lovelies) and all met at Sarah's house to get ready and have a quick dinner.  We then raced to mine so I could drop off my car (and fetch my earrings which I forgot to pack) and got a taxi from there to the Clyde Auditorium.  There we hovered about the red carpet for a while getting some pictures before venturing inside.

We had some delicious free non-alcoholic cocktails from Highland Spring , picked up some pick n mix (Sarah is addicted to sweets!) and took a few more photos before finding our seats.

The awards show was more interesting than I thought it would be and interspersed with a couple of fashion shows and songs by Dione Bromfield and Tallia Storm who were both amazing.  It was all presented by Alexa Chung who looked so pretty and there were quite a few other celebs about (I thought I recognised Jade Ewen when we were leaving at the end and just read that she was there so I'm pretty sure it was her walking past us).

One of the design awards was sponsored by M&S and the winner's dress design will be sold in store.  I was delighted that my favourite won as it is a great design with lovely back detailing and the only one I really thought was wearable (for me anyway) out of them all.  (The red one below.)

Karen Gillan won Scottish Fashion Icon

David Gandy presenting an award
The Swarovski Fashion Show
 We then took the chance for a few more snaps and used the photo booth before we left.

Me pretending to be a celeb (I need to work on my pose!)
The after party was at the beautiful Blythswood Square one of my favourite hotels so we jumped in a taxi there even though it was a school night.  I#m so glad we did, we had a great time enjoying 1 or 2 cocktails and chatting to a couple of people whose outfits we admired.

Laura and I getting our model pose on!
At Blythswood I had my favourite, a French Martini while we chatted and mingled.  Sadly just as we were leaving the night was getting more interesting and literally as we walked out, ALL the celebs showed up: Alexa and co. Sadly we all had to work today so we resisted trying to mingle (most likely unsuccessfully with the famous lot) and headed home after a brilliant night!  My lovely hubby collected us at about 11.30pm as he was on his way home from a late shift at the hospital so I then got him to take a couple of pictures of the back of the dress for the blog ;)

I need to quickly mention my make-up which I did myself again and loved - I still plan on writing about my new products when I have more time but I especially loved my new MAC eyelashes which I didn't have time to put on at the wedding but I think make a huge difference to the overall look.  I find it all lasts so much longer and I get a much better end result now I use better products and take the time to put on a base (something I never previously did!).  I also added a wee flash of emerald green eye shadow to the outer corner underneath my eye this time which I think finished it off nicely!


kates said...

looks like you had a fab night! Quick question - what are the Mac eyelashes if you know, I had a quick look online but there's loads to choose from. They look amazing, as does your make up!!


Lorena said...

Hi, a great post, I enjoy a lot with it. Thanks for sharing your experience last night. Your dress are really nice :). I would like to take one of your pictures for my blog, is it possible? Can I send you in some way an email?

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