Monday, 2 July 2012


Just realised I never posted this when I was searching for a link to details about our buttonholes!  So here it is!

I didn't post about the buttons before as it was driving everyone at work mad trying to guess what all the buttons were for when wee parcels of different green buttons kept arriving for me, hehe.  The original plan was just to use them in the buttonholes after I saw the idea in the first wedding magazine I bought - the Scottish Wedding Directory.  I loved the idea of a few buttons in with the flowers, (similar to this) and pre-wired a selection myself to give to the florist to incorporate into the buttonholes.

My lovely husband was a great help with a lot of the wedding planning, after his exams and graduation were out of the way!  He joined in with a few of the DIY projects when he could but I think the thing he enjoyed the most was getting to use his surgical skills to bend a coat hanger into a heart shape to strengthen the wire heart I made out of buttons (it was a bit floppy when I was finished so wouldn't hang properly at all).

Post Wedding Update:

Dad with his buttony buttonhole (taken by Uncle Alan)

Ishan's Best man buttonhole

Me holding my button heart (photo by Matt Wagster)

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