Friday, 20 July 2012

Italian Foooooood! (Specially for Mahj!)

You all already know that I loved the food in Italy, especially the pizza!  And the pasta!  Oh and the mozzarella!  Not forgetting the drinks too - hello Prosecco!

Here is my round up of what we ate and where we ate it while we were away.  (Review of the hotel is still to follow but I'm putting all the food in here and we were half board so dinners were always in the hotel!)

It all started with lunch.  After our flight and a long windy, but comfortable, car journey to our hotel in Sorrento from Naples, we unpacked and headed straight to the pool bar for lunch.  Of course, I had to have pizza for my first meal here, especially since the hotel has a wood burning stone pizza oven by the pool which I had seen before we left!  I wasn't disappointed!

That afternoon we went exploring in Sorrento and had some gelato down one of the lanes.  I had mango and melon and Nik had stratciatella.

We found a fruit stand run by an old couple down by the coast and bought some of the most delicious cherries I've ever had!

That first evening dinner at the hotel was a special buffet down by the pool instead of in the restaurant on the top floor.  The food was amazing with an array of fresh fish, salads, cheese (MMMMM mozzarella!), all laid out for the starter followed by a selection of pastas and a delicious barbecue featuring steak, lambs, prawns and a scrummy looking dessert table...

I had the delicious Mediteranneo special cocktail with dinner (on quite a few nights actually - yum!)

The Melanzane was superb!

For dessert Nik had this chocolate bombe cake thing which was covered in a scrumptious chocolate creamy sauce...

And I had the most amazing moist light but super-creamy melon cake

Followed by a little taste of cheese

It seems despite trying to summarise the food I am (as usual) adding too many pictures and giving a blow by blow account of what we ate - it was all just so yummy!  I will try to sum up the rest of the holiday's eatings in another post and leave this as day one - my introduction to Italian food!


Katielase said...

I had to wait until after lunch to read this and despite being full of sushi it has still made me hungry. YUM!

K x

Roz said...

Yum!! x

Mahj said...

I actually LOVE YOU for doing this post! I've just had my tea but the sight of that pizza oozing cheese, well, holy jebus! Will there be more?? Pls say there will be more?! xoxo

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