Monday, 2 July 2012

Lots going on

I have been SUPER busy again and as a result have lots to blog about.  It does however mean that I am either too busy or too tired to actually write posts at the moment!  (I do have one prepared for Tuesday though!)  Apologies for lack of anything interesting today but here's a taster of what's coming soon!... I feel like an advert now, just trying to keep you interested.  ;)

Baking Club (hosted in my kitchen this time) - a huge success (photos of yummy cakes and details to come)

Screen Printing - Roz and I went back to make more advanced screens and print more designs like my very own olive dragonfly scarf!...

Outfit posts (I have lots of outfits I want to share over the last few months which I still haven't got round to, not to mention some sale finds!)

Recipes (I have quite a few recipes saved up which I haven't had the chance to write up yet!)

Reviews (We have been to a few great places recently which I am dying to share details of!)

Italy! (SO much more still to tell you and I haven't even started on the food!)

That's all I can remember for now but there might be a few other random posts thrown in there in the coming weeks.

Tomorrow, though, is our first anniversary so I am sharing my all time favourite wedding photos (a few never before posted on the blog) and we're off out for a lovely meal (so another outfit and another review to follow as well) to a restaurant I've been dying to try!  :)

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