Monday, 16 July 2012

Most excellent weekend!

I've had another busy weekend leaving not much time to catch up on blogging.  It was a local holiday here today which is just as well as I was absolutely knackered this morning!

Friday night was dedicated to teaching Roz to sew, eating Indian food and drinking wine.  Super fun!

As a (completely unnecessary but wonderful) thank you she gave me this gorgeous beaded necklace which I wore the next day with my printed trousers...

On Saturday we met Roz and aDizzyGirl at Partick Farmers market for lunch and lots of tastings and far too much buying of yummy things!

The sun even came out!

Before spending a bit too long fabric shopping in Mandors after which I had to rush home to get ready for my first doctors' ball with Nik!

Followed by an early start for a full day of screen printing with Roz (just realised I spent the whole weekend with her!)

Followed by a relaxing film night in with hubby, a cheese board and some delicious pasta we bought at the market.

Followed by a nice long lie-in with my book today and then a yummy sushi lunch with Sarah and some accidental shopping!

Gorgeous Zara Skirt


Katie said...

Wow. Sounds fabulous. I love your doctors ball dress. x

Unknown said...

Oh this looks so much fun!

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