Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Nails - Black tips tutorial

I was inspired by this photo on Pinterest (sadly can't find the source as someone's pinned it from google) (edit: have found it!) to have a go at doing this myself.

First I painted my nails with my new Butter London nail varnish in Dosh (a molten apple green that has been shot through with gold) which I've been dying to use (and now love!) and left them to dry for at least a couple of hours so I wouldn't ruin them with the stickers!

I then stuck on the hole reinforcer stickers (found in a local stationery shop - they only had clear ones so they might be more difficult to see here but worked just as well - if not better as I could see if they were stuck down properly so the varnish wouldn't seep under) and painted the tips black with my Filthy Gorgeous Nail Varnish.

Sadly I have wide thumb nails so the stickers were too narrow to get the right shape so I used some labels and cut a shape to fit my thumbs.

All the results were a little hit or miss - it was more difficult than I expected and some needed a little touching up but I am really pleased with the result and will definitely be trying this again with a different colour combination!

I finished with a coat of my new favourite top coat, Seche Vite Dryfast Top Coat.  (I also use the Seche Clear Base Coat)


domestikate said...

Wow that hole reinforcers idea is genius! I love a french manicure but have very unsteady hands so am useless at doing it myself. And I am majorly lusting after that gorgeous green nail varnish!

Lynne C said...

Looks fab!! Must try this out.

Conversation Pieces said...

They look ace! I tried using the hole stickers a few months ago but mine looked nowhere near as good as yours... just a bit messy! Might be tempted to try again!

Unknown said...

I use washi tape when I do mine as my nails are very square! Seems like a waste of tape though - maybe I should try the hole reinforcer method!

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