Thursday, 5 July 2012

ODP - The Olive Dragonfly Party!

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I mentioned on twitter the other day that I thought it was about time there was a meet up in Scotland!  Many of you agreed and seemed enthusiastic about the idea of an Olive Dragonfly Party and I would LOVE to plan such a thing and get to meet a few more of you!  My Mum will be in the country in Sept and she loves a party as much as I do so I was thinking of having it then and I know she'd love to meet all these 'blog and twitter peeps' I'm always going on about!  I was (and am still) awaiting the date of the 2nd Any Other Party as I suspected it might be in September and turns out the AOP is but I don't know exactly when yet and as I also have a 30th and a wedding to attend that month it's looking unlikely and unfeasible for me to also throw my own party then.  I obviously don't want to clash with anything else, especially AOP as there would be no-one left (including me!) to attend my wee soiree, assuming most if not all of my readers also read AOW and will want to attend that fabulous partay (seriously you should, the last one was great!)

What I hope to avoid - everyone is invited!
(Also hoping to avoid me standing alone in a room with no guests!)
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Since deciding to have a party I have also been invited to a blog hen in Manchester (super exciting!  I love how excited I can get about going to/throwing parties with people I've never even met but already feel I know inside out from blogville!) which is looking like being at the end of August - busy social life here I come!

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Sooooo, basically there will be a party, in Scotland, hopefully this year!  I will obviously decide and post details asap so people have plenty of time to arrange things and hopefully lots of you will want to come and have a ball!  Perhaps November would be good and people could get organised with some Christmas shopping in Glasgow (I love the shopping in Glasgow!) while visiting or perhaps I should make like the PenDo and aim for Jan or Feb to beat the post Christmas blues??   Although I have always loved Halloween and fancy dress!?

Please leave me a comment if you think you might like to join in and come along for a drink or two, I might have a few other ideas up my sleeve too - roller disco anyone?  Or hula-hooping!?  Hmmm, Roz - any ideas?  ;)

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Linsey said...

I'm in! But I'm local so can do it any time really. I'm also trying to instigate a Blook Club roller disco, I think Zoe's keen considering it's in her Emerald Street Guide this weekend!

Gemma C-S said...

HALLOWEEN PARTY!!! I'm dressing up as a dragonfly. An Olive one. Wooo!

Katielase said...

I'd definitely LOVE to come! Sounds awesome... oh so many exciting THINGS happening!! :-D

K x

anna {far from the wedding crowd} said...

Yes please. Although roller disco and anna do not mix. I can get drunk on the sidelines though right?!

aDizzyGirl said...

Count me in (and let me know if you need any organising help!)

Roz said...

I am so in! Bex you look amazing in that pic :) I do love a Halloween party. I think we should begin planning ODP over cocktails very soon! x ps do I need to tell people that it's not actually me in the picture with the roller boots?!?

Unknown said...

I might be able to do this. I'd love to meet you!

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