Tuesday, 3 July 2012

This time last year...

I was waking up on my wedding day!

Today is our first anniversary.  I can't believe how quickly it's come around!!  It's been a super busy year of ups and downs (which I've actually written about on AOW today so go take a peek!) and it's about time I shared a few more of my wedding pictures, also for any readers who might be new.  (I only ever did write one blog post about our wedding day, oops!)  Today I'd like to share my absolute favourites of the day taken by guests as well as our photographer, so here they are (some with captions and links to details)... Our wedding day ;)

Lego us!

My Kimono

Opening my present from Nik
(Hair bling)

Dad doing last minute speech edits
Skooshing my green perfume.

Mum putting my veil in (we almost forgot it!)

Love this one as Dad looks so proud, I look so cheesy and our celebrant is waiting patiently behind as I arrive.

Calming breaths as I get out of the taxi.

Nik's first glimpse of me

My cheesy, teary grin walking up the aisle

Checking the photographer's there! ;)

Am I the cheesiest bride there ever was??

My charms

Our first congratulations from Nik's Dad as he came up to do his reading after our vows.
Secret whispers with Mum!
My flowers

Just Married!
(Nik's outfit)

Our stunning venue

(My dress & take 2)

The throwing of the Bougainvillea confetti as we walk along

Husband makes a handy sunglasses holder for photos (no pockets!)

Me & my girls posing in our sunglasses :)

Dad rocking my sunglasses and showing off his buttonhole.

Quick retouch!
My DIY button heart (and now avatar!)

Our amazing piper and drummer!

Love this one as you can see the sign, home-made jams, my dragonfly biscuits and personalised napkins!

Loved my cheese table!
Cheese mice!


Cutting the cake (which was covered in dragonflies, natch!)

Dancing with the in-laws

The morning after!


Bella said...

All so beautiful!!! Here's to the next year xx

Unknown said...

Oh wow, wow, wow! Such fantastic photos. I'm going to come back and devour these again later. You just look SO happy! xxx

Katie said...

Swoon. I love these photos so much. Such a beautiful wedding.

Katielase said...

So so beautiful and you both look so deliriously happy. Happy anniversary, gorgeous couple

K x

Roz said...

This post rocks!! As I was looking through your amazing pictures I kept thinking of where I'd seen some of them in your flat and also how I wish I'd known you earlier so I could have been at your wedding!! Hope you and Nik are having a fab anniversary x

Unknown said...

These are beautiful shots - happy belated anniversary! Weddings are great. :)

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