Thursday, 30 August 2012

Bella's amazing Blen (Part 2)!

So you've seen what we all got up to when we converged on Bella's home in Hale.  The evening continued with dancing and more drinking while playing with some of the props a few of us brought for Bella to borrow for her wedding photo booth!  (It was obviously going to happen!)


Hmmm, shall I insert the video here??  Not sure Mahj even knows about it yet!  ;)

Ensuring our hen is well 'hydrated'

Not long after that, despite many protestations, the lovely Penny had to leave us :(

We all managed to plod on without her (in all her biker jacket glory) and got ready for a night of dancing while watching The X Factor.

Mahj revealed her super sexy Blen shoes...

I put on my fabulous tie dress and the dragonfly scarf I made and was anointed by Bella with her Hen veil for some reason (but didn't complain as I never wore a veil on my own hen!).  And we all posed for more silly photos!

Practising our pouts in the amazing Illamasqua pink lipstick of wonder!

Then off we went to Suburbia for some cocktails and dancing!  Complete with props of course!  Roz managed to secure us a place on the guest list, free entry and our own booth for the night with table service!  Go Roz!

The ceilings were pretty low which Roz decided to prove by kicking it and I got the photographic evidence!  That girl has the most amazing legs!  (Not too subtle cropping required due to the short dress!)

Me showing off my diamante eyelashes!



Mahj's swimming dance moves - we think she was channelling Ryan Lochte!

Singing our wee hearts out!

So basically we had a night of posing, dancing and singing our wee hearts out.  It was SO MUCH FUN!  Since I've added a ridiculous amount of photos again because I just love them all, the morning after will be another post tomorrow ;) 

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Roz said...

Love!!! Missing all of you ladies but happy that so many ODP emails are landing in my inbox :) xxx

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