Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Circus Skills (or Bex does Trapeze!)

On Saturday I had been invited along to join in with Sarah's sister, Ali's Hen Night as someone had dropped out.  They were doing a circus skills class, followed by afternoon tea and cocktails, then dinner and finally some more cocktails and dancing at a local club!  It was SO much fun, thanks for having me guys!!

I absolutely loved the circus skills workshop at Aerial Edge and am thinking about actually going back to have a go at the flying trapeze next time!  (Anyone fancy joining me??)  They offer all sorts of classes and workshops in Glasgow.  It was hard work and a great workout - I'm still suffering now, not to mention the bruises, but it was so worth it!

First glimpse of the trapeze set-up - eek!
After a warm up, our large group was split into three and we each started with a different skill.  My group started with the acro-balance which involves lifts and balances performed by two or more people.

 We practised balancing and trusting each other before learning positions and making pyramids...

We then tried something more difficult with the teacher as the base and the underneath person disappearing when everyone was balanced leaning back!

They're not holding her there - just spotting, ready to catch in case she falls!

My turn

I then had a go as the base!

The we moved onto standing pyramids!

After that, we had our go on the trapeze!  It wasn't the swinging trapeze, we were just learning positions but that was difficult enough!

Ali in her fabulous ringmaster outfit which she totally rocked!

Looking a bit red in the face now after all the exertion!

I was definitely NOT the most graceful!

getting brave and going no-handed!

Then it was time for the aerial silks (which I found the most difficult as you need so much upper body strength to get up them, which I just don't have!)...

The expert showing us how it's done properly!

We finished with some stretches...

 And at the end we all made a giant pyramid...

 I seriously recommend Ariel Edge for a party, a workout or even just for a bit of fun!  We all had a great time and it was a fantastic idea for a hen party!  Just go prepared for bruises and a few aches and pains for the next few days (unless you happen to be super-fit anyway!)  Still, totally worth it and I would definitely like to go again!

Here's a video of one of our teachers having a go on the flying trapeze while we waited for our taxi at the end - amazing!!!

Also, a huge thanks to Catriona (in the fabulous Back to the Future vest!) for taking the pictures of me and for taking and sending me the ones from her camera when my battery died!


Unknown said...

That looks fun! Might send this link to my bridesmaids for my Hen. xox

Bex said...

Oh you should! It was so much fun!! Everyone had a great time! x

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness - you really do pack in a lot of fun things don't you?

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