Friday, 10 August 2012

Inspired by Katie Holmes

I saw this outfit in a magazine at work and loved it...

I had also been on the lookout for a pink maxi after seeing this image and previously spotted the one in Next although it's more of a linen style fabric and I wanted a more chiffon or silky style so I hadn't bought it.  When I saw this picture of Katie Holmes I had another look on-line but couldn't find another hot pink skirt I liked so went back to have another look.  When I did it was reduced from £35 down to £15 and due to the linen style would be an ideal lightweight cover up for a holiday so I snapped up the remaining one in my size :)

I also managed to find out the top she was wearing was from GAP  and not too expensive but not available in this country and I wasn't going to pay the massive shipping fee from the US.  I did, however, find a very similar top in the Monsoon sale for a mere £13.

Gap and Monsoon tops

Sadly, since finding these items it has been rain, rain and more rain so I haven't had the chance to wear it, until today!  It went perfectly with my super cheap and comfy white sandals I bought in Sorrento and my Desigual bag...

Top - Monsoon sale
Skirt - Next sale
Jacket - Andrew Marc at House of Fraser sale
Bag - Desigual sale
Sandals - Italy
Pink bracelet - John Lewis
Charm - Bianca Jones (my 1st engagement ring from Nik!)
Watch - Guess
Silver bracelet - Mango sale
Turquoise & silver bracelet - Egypt (gift from Mum)
Aviators - Ebay
Earrings (diamond studs) - Rox (gift from Nik)
Necklace - Hunter Goldsmith


M-J said...

Love this combo, and good sale find!

Roz said...

Just love this outfit! And I think the top from Monsoon is better than the Gap one, although as the gap on is green you might disagree?! x

Bex said...

Thanks, I do love the green and pink combo but it's nice to mix it up a bit and not wear green for a change. I love how the Monsoon top fits too :)

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