Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sunday Weigh In 23

It's now been 23 weeks since starting my new healthy lifestyle I decided that each Sunday I will post up my progress, whether successful or not in the hope that it encourages me to stay positive and keep going.  Knowing that I will be sharing it all here will hopefully keep my willpower up!  In order for me to keep track and look back for ideas, I will be listing my food diary here as well (and who knows, it might inspire others to have a go too!)  It also gives me somewhere to put all the photos of the yummy food I love to take as it always looks so good!

This week is going to have a slightly different format as I have neglected to be good and fill this in as I go, oops!  I did last Sunday and then nothing until now (Sunday morning!)  Instead I will just include the photos I have, the exercise I did and the weigh in itself and promise to return to normal next week!


Breakfast - @TapaOrganic - Eggs benedict, latte, orange juice
Lunch - Pea & ham soup, slice brown seeded bread & butter, cordial & fizzy water
Dinner - (Heart shaped!) baked potato, chilli, low fat sour cream & chive dip, salad, fizzy water with cordial
Snacks - cucumber & tzatsiki dip, soup

Exercise - walking to Tapa and back

The rest of the week...

1/2 slice welsh rarebit & pieces of chicken with sour cream dip

pea & ham soup

chicken & avocado salad

Salmon & asparagus pasta with low fat crème fraichè

omelette with light babybel & tomato, mushrooms
maki box

Cous Cous with wild salmon

Salmon & broccoli pasta

mini Gu pud, choc tart, fruit

scrambled eggs, toast, tomatoes

salad & chips (chips were shared!)


Fish risotto

I also had a slice of FIL's massive pizza!
Bailey's latte, mini Gu choc pot, mango
I have also had snacks such as crisps (usually the healthy versions bar one day Liz gave me her Brannigan's Beef & Mustard to finish!  YUM!) and sweets in the car to Durham!  Been quite bad with the snacks this week - I just can't remember them all!

Exercise - Walking to work everyday except Monday (3 x 1 hour), 1 hour body pump class on Thursday, also 1.5 hours walking on Thursday, lots of walking round Alnwick Garden on Saturday.

And the results this week:

Weight last week - 12 st 7 lbs
Weight this week - 12st 6 lbs
Loss/Gain this week - -1lb

Total Loss - 12 lbs

I'm feeling more motivated (but sore!) after having gone back to body pump finally (thanks Sarah for the push!) and again hoping to get back into more exercise this week - hopefully with more success than the last 2 weeks I've said that!!  I'm now super hungry after adding all those photos so off to find some brekky!  x

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