Monday, 29 October 2012

Outfit post - cosy boots

I have been on the lookout for some boots which are wide enough on my calves to be able to tuck skinny jeans into (I have wide calves) but still be comfy enough to wear all day, even for shopping, and have finally found them!  I particularly liked the look below and wanted to try out a similar style and I already have black smart and casual boots so bought the brown pair from Office.

I found knee high socks in M&S, along with the stripy metallic jumper and black skinny jeans (seriously good quality and fit and only £29.50!)  The full outfit I wore is shown below and all items linked to on Polyvore - the only one I don't own is the scarf, mine's an old H&M one.


The photos are a bit rubbish I'm afraid and don't do the outfit justice - I love it!  It's such a comfy,cosy look - perfect for winter weekends and would also work layered up with a bit black cosy cardi and bright scarf!  I wore the big sparkly earrings to jazz it up a bit for dinner with Roz and our hubbies before we all went to see Skyfall, which is highly recommended by the way!


Lara Blue said...

Looks good :) Do I spy a change of "blog photo mirror" for this picture? Can that be...the study??? :)

Smidge said...

I love those boots, had my eye out for something similar after pinning a couple of pairs from the states. Looking great with the socks too :)

Bex said...

Indeed! ;) It was a bit brighter in there for the pic!

Bex said...

Thanks! They're so comfy, I love them! :)

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