Sunday, 27 January 2013


A little over 13 months ago I was very excited to discover I'd had 10,000 hits on The Olive Dragonfly.  It's almost two years since I started writing this wee blog to record all my wedding plans and I have just noticed that the hits haven't just doubled to 20,000 in that time but have actually increased to 101,000!  (That's all time hits, not just in a year, but we're getting there!)  It means so much to know that you all read my ramblings and that new people are obviously finding us, or coming back more and more.

I hope to make a few changes this year including making the blog easier to navigate and read, I've already got Roz on board to help me keep things going when I'm just too busy (ahem, or on another reading spree!) and to add another voice (so it's not all about green things and dragonflies!), I still hope to improve the comments section and remove word verification without me being deluged with 20+ spam comments a day and I perhaps should think about moving over to WordPress to have a little more control over things.

Basically I just wanted to say, Thanks!  Thank you for reading and making it even more fun to write about all my escapades and outfits!  I wanted to add a big smiley face here but obviously had to find a green one - incidentally if anyone ever wants to buy me a big green smiley face balloon, that would be epic!!




Unknown said...

Well done you!! So happy to be part of this very successful blog now :) xxx

Bex said...

You mean you weren't happy to be part of it before this news? ;)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations - that's really amazing! Nice to see your hard work paying off.

Lara said...

Well done! That is amazing xx

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