Saturday, 26 January 2013

Baking Club - East Meets West

Last weekend I travelled through to Edinburgh with Sarah for the first joint meeting of Glasgow Baking Club with the Edinburgh Cake Ladies!  The theme this time was 'Showstoppers' and there were quite a few stunners!  All the cakes were amazing and clearly had a lot of effort put in to each one.

I decided to make a cake from my new book, Tea with Bea: Recipes from Bea's of Bloomsbury (a Christmas gift from Roz) and picked the Gingerbread Guinness cake with poached pears and cream cheese icing.

Kirsteen made this amazing representation of Option 7 to restore George Square...

Sarah made a chocolate cake with berries and brought an amazing sparkler - truly show-stopping!

And there was a stunning Rainbow ruffle cake with multi-coloured insides as well!

There was also a very creative trifle within a cake made by Barry.  I don't have any more individual photos but you can see more over on the Edinburgh Cake Ladies blog.  [Mine is still listed there as having been made by Sarah, but I swear I made it!  ;)]

I managed to try 10 (yes, 10, but I had tiny pieces OK people!) different cakes and they were all delicious, I honestly couldn't choose a favourite.  It was lovely to meet so many more keen bakers, I couldn't believe how many cakes there were!!

Sarah and I, utterly stuffed -
we should have got a picture BEFORE eating all the cake!!

I'll post the recipe soon for anyone who wants it :)


Liz said...

This looks like an awesome event and your cake is amazing-the poached pears look delicious! I really enjoy reading your blog (I have been lurking for some time!) but this post and seeing this dress (link below) on the oasis website (which I thought you might like due to the appropriate pattern!) compelled me to comment :) Have a lovely Sunday x

Bex said...

Thanks Liz! So glad you like the blog and thanks for taking the time to comment :)

I love that dress! I've already seen a few dragonfly items in the shops this year (It seems to be the new 'in' print) and was going to look for a few more items to do a post on them all but think I might have to actually buy this one, the dragonflies even look green against the blue! :D

Ailsa said...

Wow - just wow! I'd love to get involved in something like that, but actually I think I might be a wee bit intimidated by the quality! Yours looks just yummy. Thanks for sharing the photos - I love your blog :-)

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