Thursday, 31 January 2013


There may not be a splurge vs save tomorrow (unless I have time to do one today), it's been a tough week this week, but this actually worked out to kinda be one anyway - just not in my usual style of similar outfits!

The fashion world has caught up with my love for dragonflies this season.  Apart from a few garments I managed to find last year, there never seem to be as many dragonfly prints available in the shops as there are birds and butterflies.  Apparently this is all about to change and there are big names getting in on the dragonfly act too.

I am absolutely in love with the abstract dragonfly prints at McQ by Alexander McQueen, especially the green skirt and dress (obviously!) along with the McQueen dragonfly jewellery...

McQueen Dragonflies

There are quite a few more affordable ones on the high street as well though, I particularly like the Oasis dress which I was alerted to by reader, Liz.  (Also, I couldn't resist including the dragonfly glasses, though they're clearly not fashion!)


Do let me know if you see any more dragonfly themed items I might love!  Think I'll have to get Roz on making up a star version of this post - I've seen a few starry items around recently ;)


Marlene said...

I love the McQueen Dress......swoon!

Lara said...

Hmmm, I love the blouse, jumper and middle scarf! The glasses are pretty too :)

Unknown said...

I really like the scarfs in both sets!

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