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I've never had a guest post on the blog before, I've never asked anyone and no-one's offered to write one, but I have been thinking about asking Roz for a while now.  Roz has mentioned thinking about blogging but not knowing where or how to start or if she has the time.  I have been struggling over the last few months to write as often as I used to so it seemed like a good idea to get someone else on board :)  This is the response I got...


I don't think I would start one up myself as well I'm not even sure how I would do it!  Are you sure you would want me on your lovely pages??  I'm not sure I'm any good at creative writing - all the reports I right for work are so dull I think any writing skills I ever had have been lost!  Okay there are a lot of exclamation marks!!!!!

I'm so flattered you've asked honey! And I think I'm saying yes!!! But erm what do you want me to write?!?!

Since meeting Roz for a screen printing course earlier this year, she has become one of my closest friends (after just 8 months!), we have so much in common (pretty much everything I write about on here) and she's been a massive support to me and to this here blog!  She has already featured a few times in my posts as we spend lots of time together what with karaokecrafting, eating, partiessewing, eating, shopping, partiesbaking, parties, eating... but she does lots of other fun things without me (humph :P) which I'm sure she'll write about!  I'm especially excited to help (i.e. pin frantically) as her and B plan and decorate their new home.  I'm hoping her posts will become a regular thing which you will enjoy and will enhance The Olive Dragonfly as we take over Glasgow blogland, mwah ha ha haaaaa!  ;)

Without further ado, please welcome... Mrs Rozzy Star!!!  (By the way, it's her birthday today too so please leave her some love in the comments and make her day!)...

2013 has got it going on!

Hi readers, it's Roz here!  Some of you may know me through twitter or may have noticed Bex including me in some of her posts over the last year or so, and some of you may even have been lucky enough to meet me in actual real life!

Did I come across as loud / tall / bossy / competitive / Scottish?!?  All of these wonderful attributes come out even more when I'm EXCITED!  Yes I do look taller when I'm excited as I bounce.  And excited is what I currently am.  So why am I excited and why am I writing this post and not Bex...well, and some of you may have put two and two together here, Bex asked me recently if I fancied writing some posts for her blog and well I guess this is the first one.  Now what should I write about...?

I love The Olive Dragonfly blog and having the opportunity to write some posts and speak to you lovely lot is kind of a big deal for me.  Before I met Bex in May last year, I only 'knew her' through her blog, which I always enjoyed reading thanks to the variety of subjects covered.  Naturally after Bex got married, The Olive Dragonfly has evolved, but in the last year or two I would say the blog has focused on fashion, food and friends.  Three of the best things in life, no?  Being completely honest I'm a bit worried that I'm not able to compete with Bex's outfit posts!  I could quite happy steal your entire wardrobe lady.  And I know where you live :)

If I'm being honest, at the moment I'm not 100% sure what I will be posting about.  I do worry that my writing is not up to scratch and that I tend to over use exclamation marks(!) {ed: It's fine I do that too, they're used to it!  ;) } but I'm hoping that as I write some posts I'll get better at this and writing for fun will not feel, well, quite so weird.  So, I might do some outfit posts, when I feel they are worth sharing and learn how to take Bex standard photos of myself!  I would also like to share a number of DIY sewing projects that I'm in the middle of / have planned (a number of which are with Bex anyway!) and I also might have some ideas for shopping / putting outfits together on a very small budget, the reason for which is revealed below.

As for the title of this blog post, I guess it's reflecting where I feel I am right now in my life.  I feel happy, with quite possibly the best circle of friends I've ever had in my life.  A number are relatively new friends and have started off as on-line conversations.  2012 was definitely the year of meeting so many of these wonderful ladies and putting some faces (and accents!) to the names!  I also have lots of fun things planned for 2013 already, including Anna's #HeartSwap and the wonderful AOW Book Swap - best idea ever ladies!  And there's the small matter of Amy's wedding of the year in the actual woods, only 123 SLEEPS!!!  Add to all this the fact that the husband (let's call him B as he is still in my phone as that single letter 13 or so years later!) and I are currently buying a new house.  A proper project of a house, a Grade A listed town-house that's currently being used as offices, ahem.  And despite what lies ahead of us, we have the chance to create our forever house together.  We are finalising our initial plans with our architect next week, so maybe I can share some more news with you on that at a later date!!  All design ideas welcome.

Oh yeah, one last thing, today happens to be my birthday, so I'm off to eat cake!  Maybe eat cake and worry whether anyone will be as excited as me and actually leave me a comment on Bex's wonderful blog!  Go on, I'll love you forever and might even send you cake!

 Roz xx

{Me again, since Roz had sudden inspiration this week and requested her fabulous first post be posted on her birthday (which coincided with me being organised and having actually scheduled some posts for once!) and how could I refuse - I was far too excited to wait any longer to post it anyway - I've moved my next Splurge Vs Save post (it's a good one!) to Friday.  Maybe that should become a regular Friday thing??  I'm very much looking forward to reading more from Roz and hope you are too!  I think we might have to start thinking about the next ODP - Halloween this year anyone?  Fancy dress OBVS!!}


Lyndsey said...

Well done Roz, I look forward to reading all about your plans for the new house, I love DIY! I also love exclamation marks!! Hope you have a fandabbydozy birthday, but please don't send me any cake.... it's a long way to Saudi, lol. Keep up the good work. Hey Ed, great idea, well done, it makes waiting for an update that much more interesting. Lots of love Lyndsey (Mum)

Vikki said...

Happy Birthday Roz! Hope you have a fabulous and cake filled day. All the best people are born in January (and the end of December Bex!) I also look forward to reading about and getting jealous about your new home, sounds like an exciting project. It was lovely meeting you at Bex's birthday, as you say it is great putting faces to names.

Love Vikki

Lara said...

This is tres exciting! I think this shall be wonderful Roz, I can't wait to hear about/see progress with the house, especially with decorating it. I'm also excited by the prospect of some DIY! :) I can't believe you two have only known each other for a few months, on meeting you both, I presumed that you were childhood or University friends!
Roz, happy happy birthday, I hope you have an amazingly wonderful day! Xx
Ps: don't worry about the exclamation marks, I over-use them too but I'm even worse with parantheses and ellipses and smiley faces!!! :)

Lara said...

PPS: I forgot to say- EEEEEEEEEEEE to Amy's wedding and AOW book swap. Both are definitely going to bring joy to 2013 :)

Peridot said...

Happy Birthday Roz! I hope you had cake for breakfast as it is The Law to have cake for breakfast on your birthday. And I don't want to have to set the Cake Police on you....

PS Feel free to send me cake!

Unknown said...

Thanks for all your lovely comments :) I'm just tucking into my cake now with a lovely glass of chilled bubbles! I look forward to chatting to you all again soon xxx

Emma R said...

Happy birthday Roz! And congratulations on your first post!

I've only recently started reading the blog (sorry Bex!) and I look forward to reading about your projects!

Emma x

Unknown said...

Hurrah! Good to see you Roz!

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