Thursday, 3 January 2013

My birthday weekend

I'm starting with this because I'm just too excited about it - I had SUCH a great time this year!  I am often disappointed on my birthday due to the time of year.  People have so many things on and are scattered around the country with family, etc.  I quite often get a bit down that so many of my friends can never come out to celebrate with me.  This year, all of my bridesmaids (bar Claire who sadly got really ill that morning!) managed and more people managed to come out than at my 30th.  :D

I was super excited this year too as despite trying loads of dresses last year for my big 3-0 I couldn't find a stunner and ended up wearing an old one I didn't really love but it was the only one that fit after the excesses of Christmas!!  This year I found one by accident when looking for a sparkly jumper in House of Fraser, I spotted this gorgeous French Connection dress which had 30% off that weekend only.  I tried it on but was a little worried it was too clingy in the 14, when I managed to try it in the 16 though it sat much nicer and was a better length.

I paired it with this faux fur coat (from my brother) and pansy clutch which was a Christmas present from my in-laws.

Source: via Bex on Pinterest

I also had my hair done differently at the hairdresser that morning with big curls and I really love it, I've even bought a curling tong to try to recreate it myself but haven't tried yet!

I had red lips (Icon liquid lipstick by Hourglass, kindly given to me by MIL from her amazing recent raffle prize!) and metallic red nails with added red glitter on my toes!  The lipstick lasted really well, I was super impressed and would definitely recommend it!  It even lasted during dinner (and, ahem, 'til the next morning - I forgot to remove my make-up - sinful I know!)

Source: via Bex on Pinterest

I wore my old black peep-toe shoes which were only £10 in the Dorothy Perkins sale a few years ago and so comfy as they aren't too high with a little platform.  I also wore an old bracelet and an old present from Nik which was my heart necklace and I initially had on my sparkly earrings which were later swapped for these fab sparkly green ones from Roz!

My fab hubby also got me a badge (I'm never one to shy away from attention) and I loved that he remembered a cake this year with candles and everything which the waiter brought over and everyone sang :)  We all had some fab fizz and cocktails and the food was amazing, it was my first time in Browns in Glasgow and I loved it and have to go back to sample more of the menu!

I had the seared tuna carpaccio and the pork belly.  Nik had the scallops and burger.

We then moved on to another nearby bar for more cocktails before we were thrown out at closing time.


Unknown said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time - lovely stuff :)

amy said...

You look gorgeous in that frock!

Lara said...

Stunning Bex! Just stunning. Glad you had a good time xx

Peridot said...

You look AMAZING! Love that dress - real silver screen glamour. And Happy Birthday.

Bex said...

Thanks everyone!! I felt amazing in it :D

Anna, Oh yes! I like that. said...

SO GLAMOUROUS!! Glad you had a lovely birthday- it really is a dunny time of year for birthdays. Both my parents have late Dec/early Jan birthdays and IT IS SO HARD TO BUY THEIR PRESENTS right next to Christmas!

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